The Facts and Fictions about JAMB Examination.

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The Facts and Fictions about JAMB Examination.

Rumours make their rounds because people spread them. I am very sure that, in course of registering for this year's JAMB examination, you must have heard or read a lot of stories about the examination. The truth is that majority of the stories you have heard or read about JAMB examination are actually false.

In order to place you on a safer side, I have listed below some of the fictions (lies) you might have heard or read about JAMB's UTME and the Facts (truth) you are expected to follow. Don't let anyone deceive you.

Fictions(Lies) About JAMB Examination

1. You will fail if you don't attend JAMB tutorials.

2. You must study for so long and very hard before you can pass JAMB examination.

3. It is not possible to gain admission into the university after writing JAMB for the first time. In other words, you need to write JAMB more than once before you can be admitted into any university.

4. JAMB will not give you your desired course.

5. It is JAMB that gives admission, not the institution you chose.

6. JAMB is wicked. It fails candidates intentionally.

7. A lot of persons write very well, but still fail.

8. There are JAMB expo centers for JAMB examination.

9. You can upgrade your UTME result after release.

10. You cannot pass UTME independently.

11. JAMB examination is very difficult.

12. If you don't read the recommended novels for JAMB's UTME, you will fail.

13. In all exams, JAMB repeats past questions word for word.

14. You don't need to bother yourself reading for JAMB's UTME; just pay, and you will get answers via SMS.

15. The intelligent students fail JAMB examination more; therefore, you don't need to kill yourself reading for JAMB examination.

16. While studying for JAMB examination, don't use past questions/CBT practical questions.

17. Just 'cram' past questions and you will pass JAMB's UTME.

18. JAMB does negative marking.

19. If you score at least 200 or JAMB's stipulated cut off mark (180), you are good to go.

The aforementioned points are fabricated lies you should never take seriously. I advise you follow the facts stated below.

Facts(Truth) About JAMB Examination 

1. JAMB tutorial is very good, and I will recommend you attend any good one close to you. However, attending JAMB tutorials does not guarantee you success in the exam. Your success still lies in your hands.

2. Who told you you must study for so long and very hard in order to pass JAMB examination? All you need to do is to study wisely because wisdom is the principal thing. Work smart, not necessarily hard. 

3. It is very easy and possible to gain admission into any university in your first attempt.

4. JAMB does not deprive you of your desired course. You will get your desired course if you merit it.

5. JAMB does not admit directly. The admission process is between your preferred institution and JAMB. After necessary consultations and considerations, your preferred institution sends the list of admitted students to JAMB. JAMB then uploads it and prepares the admission letters.

6. If JAMB doesn't know, why should it fail you intentionally? It does not do that, my dear.

7. Who told you a lot of persons write very well but still fail JAMB? You may feel that you wrote very well, but you may be rightly wrong. The answer you feel is correct may turn out to be the wrong one. Many factors  can make you fail an exam even if you read for it. 

8. No more JAMB expo centers, my dear. Since the recent CBT update, JAMB expo centers have disappeared into thin air. Beware of scammers.

9. You cannot upgrade your JAMB result after its release. It is not practically possible. Don't let fraudsters deceive you.

10. You can pass JAMB independently. All you need to do is to study very well.

11. Every exam is difficult if you don't read. JAMB exam is not as difficult as it is portrayed. The board does not set questions outside its syllabus. Get the syllabus of the subjects you will be writing, and start reading. It will only be difficult if you don't read.

12. Well, you won't really fail if you don't read the novels recommended by JAMB,  but it is necessary you go through the novels for a better result.

13. JAMB repeats past questions, but not word for word. It has a way of twisting these questions in order to confuse candidates.

14. My dear, gone are the days when you paid for expo and got answers through SMS. You can actually get answers sent to you on the exam day, but how credible and reliable are these answers?

15. The truth is that you can still fail JAMB's UTME, whether you are intelligent or not. Just read!

16. You must study along with JAMB past questions.

17. If you 'cram' past questions, you will fail JAMB examination. Read in accordance with JAMB syllabus and then test yourself using JAMB past questions to see if you are actually fit for the examination.

18. JAMB does not do negative marking.

19. Who told you all you need is to score just 200? Well, scoring 200 is somewhat okay, but scoring above 200 gives you an edge.

What other fictions(lies) have you heard or read about JAMB's UTME that have kept you worried? Please don't hesitate to state it using the comment box. Remember, we are in this  together. You must succeed in this year's UTME.