How to Make Your Study Time Worthwhile

How to Make Your Study Time Worthwhile
Do you study only when you have an exam or test? If yes, then you are getting it wrong. "Studying" should be a part and parcel of you.

"Studying" is one thing that requires self discipline and self discipline, remains the key to different achievements in life. "Studying" is a prerequisite to success. In other words, you can't be successful without studying. Yes! Many are looking for shorter route to success but they forget that even an armed robber strategizes (studies) in order to achieve his aim(s). Even a dropout who later became successful in life studied certain hints that brought him to that position.

In spite of all these, so many persons still see "studying" as something not worth doing, probably because it is tiring and sometimes, boring. Well, you might be right.

Today, I will be giving you some tips that will help make your study time worthwhile:

1. Just Take the Book
If you wait until you are ready to study, you will never study. All you need do is to walk to that your bag or book shelf, get the book, open the topic you want to study and start studying. Don't allow your body to control you. Initially, your bodily actions might make it difficult for you to study but if you persist, it has no choice rather than adjusting to what you want.

2. Make Bananas Your Meal While Studying.
From personal experience, "studying" comes with hunger. In other words, I always feel hungry anytime I am studying. This is because it takes a lot of energy to study. I don't know if you feel same but if you do, bananas should be your meal. Do not eat heavy or junk foods while studying. A healthy body means a healthy brain and a healthy brain is much more efficient at learning English! Instead of eating junk food and sweets, have a banana. Bananas are delicious and have lots of potassium which increases your energy levels. I am very sure seeing bananas while studying will boost your morale and enthusiasm. Lol!

3. Take a Break
In course of studying, you will notice that there are times when you easily understand what you are studying/reading and also, times when nothing is entering at all. When you start experiencing the latter, you have to take a break. You can't be too hard on yourself. It is not a must that you study everything on a given topic at one sitting. You can take a walk, go for a jog, go swimming, watch your favourite TV programmes, discuss with friends and family members, chat with friends online etc. Please don't fail to continue with your studies, after the break.

4. Examine/Quiz Yourself
Studying all the time can get really boring so make it more fun by quizzing yourself. Take your notebook and write questions down one side of the page. Then, try answering them as best as you can. Check if you answered them correctly and if you did, be happy with yourself as it means you’re ready to take your exam.  If the textbook you made use of has some exercises, try to answer them too. You can as well ask someone else to set questions on what you have studied while you answer them. This will no doubt showcase your areas of weakness and strength in order for you to build them up.

5. Revision
It is important you revise what you have studied in the previous topic before going to the next topic. Revision helps in retaining what you have studied.

Do you have any in mind? Kindly use the comment box to state it. Thanks!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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