UST Vs UNIPORT: The Earlier You Stop the Fight the Better for You

UST Vs UNIPORT: The Earlier You Stop the Fight the Better for You

UST Vs UNIPORT: The Earlier You Stop the Fight the Better  for You

ELS Speaks:
I know you will say it is just for the fun of it but please spare me that bullshit. Some jokes are really expensive you know. To call a spade a spade, it is awkward, laughable, appalling and pitiable that students of prestigious universities will engage themselves in such a demeaning battle, charcterized by futility. Well, these are candid thoughts of concerned citizens on the ongoing feud among students of the Rivers State University of Science Technology  (RSUST) and students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).  A word they say is enough for the wise.

Joy Daniel Nwachukwu Writes:
Monday morning thought

My attention has being drawn to the vague, unreasonable, rivalry between two prestigious universities of my beloved Rivers state,Yes! I call Rivers state my beloved because while I don't claim to be a native, I pride in it knowing it as my place of abode for more than two decades..

back to the issue on ground...first, I want to know why the competition?second, what do we hope to achieve?third, what should be our yardstick for comparison?

Inasmuch as we all want to showcase our alma mata as bin better than others, it should be in a more logical, constructive and healthy manner, not in the meme, despicable caricature I see.. to the extent that our academics are included in the useless fight.

Great Nigerian Students, it is high time we stopped this fight before it turns out to a bloody clash, soon some gullible, unscrupulous element will hijack this rivalry and turn it into some tin we never bargained for..such a thing is infectious and can even spread to other states like a wild fire....

Rather than continue in this arrogance, lets have a more organised ,intellectual fight, debate, that will push us to stretch ourselves and be better for our society and Nigeria at large.


Sarah Daba Wilson Writes:
It beats my imagination to even think that graduates or students of prestigious higher institutions of learning; citadels that have produced diverse caliber of highly influential ladies and gentlemen will engage in a greatly demeaning cyber battle. A battle which its beginning cannot actually be traced or its essence figured out. I must say, in all honesty, this battle, that is bereft of any academic significance or economic relevance is a pointer to the narrow mindedness of some youth. It speaks of the fallen standards of morality in our universities. Students now make a maddening mockery of established, hallowed institutions; institutions that came into existence by acts of law? Need I say more? UNIPORT and RSUST are both degree awarding institutions and as such have and will continue to turn out seasoned young minds so pls my dear friends pick some other topic for your "child's play".It is indeed a shame and should be discouraged in its entirety.