A Letter to 2Face: 'You Will be Remembered as the One Without Balls' by Prince Henry

A Letter to 2Face: 'You Will be Remembered as the One Without Balls' by Prince Henry

2face Idibia

 This is a letter to 2Face from Prince Henry, a Nigerian who is disillusioned by 2face's cancellation of his proposed February 6, 2017 nationwide protest.

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My dear Innocent "2Face" Idibia, my name is Prince Henry Nwazuruahu Shield, a Nigerian and fellow victim of the high-handedness of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and THE APC Government. I got wind of your planned protest on Wednesday last week and without blinking an eye, I threw my whole heart, body and soul into the ring with you. I used my platforms to motivate and encourage friends, fans and other Nigerians to give the protest all the support it deserved.

I went further by printing Tshirts and banners to be shared to participants on that day. While doing this, I never sought to lead or be at the forefront of the protest so it is not seen as a 'stranger' high jacking your initiative. I only wanted to participate as a victim of bad governance and for posterity sake. Unfortunately, that was not to be as I woke up midnight on Saturday to discover you have cancelled the protest.

A protest that had gained massive traction not only on social media but in the minds of millions of Nigerians who have suddenly began to feel like refugees in their own land just because a government with no care in the world assumed power a little below 2 years ago. I watched the video of your announcing the cancellation and all I can say is; MAY THE ALMIGHTY HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. MAY HE FORGIVE YOU FOR CHIKENING OUT OF A NOBLE CAUSE THAT WOULD HAVE LIBERATED MILLIONS OF YOUR FELLOW DYING CITIZENS. There were several reasons not to trust you chief of which was your demand from the protest. Rather than challenge the present government that has destroyed the joy of Nigerian citizenship and wrecked our economy beyond imagination, you chose to backtrack to 1999. While that was suspect, the urge to make a statement against bad governance overgrew such mundane reservations.

My dear Innocent, I speak on behalf of the people. I speak on behalf of struggling families and I speak of behalf of the dead who cannot speak for themselves again. You have failed your generation. You have toyed with our emotions. You have failed when it mattered most. History is not made by the fearful and easily intimidated. History is made by men and women who dared to challenge the status quo. You failed and you did so resoundingly. I have banned the purchase or playing of your CDs in my home henceforth. You have been erased from the history of my home. It may not mean a thing to you but no child in my home will ever hear of your name or music again within the confines of my house. I will not condemn you further. I will only pray that, going forward, as you walk the streets and see the pains and sufferings in the eyes of the people you have let down, may your conscience be pricked. May your humanity be disturbed and may you find the courage to forgive yourself.

Will the Protest go on? Of course, YES!! Will it be Monday, obviously, not. You only cancelled your own protest. The Nigerian people will hold theirs. We will fight for you and those who have chosen to abandon the people. We will fight for better life for your community and every other Nigerian unable to stand in the gap. This is a patriotic duty and your fear is too mundane to stop it.

Innocent "2Face" Idibia, this is where I rest my pen with again final word; YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED AS THE ONE WITH NO BALLS. May posterity forgive you. Amen.