Some Uncommon Examples of Alliteration.

Some uncommon examples of alliteration

Have you heard of 'alliteration' in English Literature? Well, weather you have or not, 'alliteration' is the repetition of the same consonant sound in a line of poem. e.g. in the poem 'twinkle twinkle little star,' the consonant sound /t/ is repeated.

Today, I will be showing you some uncommon examples of alliteration:
  1. The consonant /s/ = "Some Stupid Students Started Smoking St-moritz Since Sixteen Sixty Six."
    Can you see the repetition of the consonant /s/ in the above sentence.
  2. The consonant /w/ = "Why Warri Women Worry Warri Workers; Why Won't Warri Workers Worry Warri Women?"
    In this case you have thirteen "w" repeated.
  3. The consonant/m/ = "Many Mechanics Made Mary's Mother's Motor Move."
  4. The consonant /b/ = "Betty's Boyfriend Bought Buttered Bread Because Betty's Buttered Bread Blessed Blessing's Belly."
  5. The consonant /p/ = "Proper Preparation prevents Poor Performance."
  6. The consonant /f/ = "Father Francis Fried Five Fishes For Francisco's Fishing Festival."
These are uncommon examples of alliteration because, in each of the examples given above, the consonant sound is present in the words that make up the sentence. If you have any, you can add to the list.

Tamuno Reuben

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