Some Nigerian Acronyms with Their Funny Meanings

Nigerian Acronyms
If you really need a fair judgment on anything you do, the best place to visit is Nigeria. Nigerians have changed the actual meanings of some known acronyms of organisations and institutions to meanings they feel suit these organisations due to the services these organisations render. Furthermore, it is not only restricted to organisations as the initials of the names of some individuals have also been given meanings which tally with either their performances in office or their behaviours.

Here are some of these acronyms:

1. BUHARI - Brought Unnecessary Hardship Among Reasonable Individuals.
Some Nigerians who have no chill came with this due to the hardship they are facing in this Buhari-led administration.

2. NEPA - Never Expects Power Always.

3. GTC - Government Trained Criminals.

4. PHCN - Please Hold your Candle at Night.

5. IBADAN - Igbo Boys Are Dangerous At Night.

6. SCHOOL - Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives.

7. UST - University of Stress and Tension.

8. LONDON - Ladies Of Nowadays Depend On Naira.

9. CSS - Come See Suffering.

10. MMM - Money Making Machine.

11. APC - All Promises Cancelled/Amaechi Problems Continue.

12. PDP - People Deceive People.

13. SEX - Sweetest EXperience.

14. TINUBU - Trust In Nigerian Upper chamber & Be Underdeveloped.

15. EXAMINATION: EXplain All what your Masters In Nigerian Academy Taught you In One Note.

16. TEST: Testimonies Explain Someone's Test.

This is for your relaxation. You can also add to the list.

Tamuno Reuben

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