Simple But Commonly Misspelt English Words

Misspelt English Words
There are lots of English words which seem very easy to spell but are commonly misspelt. In this article, we shall look at a few of them: 

1. Continuous

This word is often spelt with the omission of the 'u' that comes immediately after the 'n.' e.g. 'continous.'  This is totally wrong.

2. a lot

In 'a lot,' the 'a' is separated from the 'lot', but most persons join then, e.g., ‘alot’.

3. Separate

This word is often spelt as 'seperate' by most persons perhaps because of the way it is pronounced.

4. Pronunciation

This is a very common mistake among learners of English. I just told a friend of mine who spelt it wrongly some days ago that the correct spelling is 'pronunciation', not 'pronounciation.'

5. Indict

Most persons spell ‘indite’ instead of ‘indict’.

6. Occasion 

This word has double ‘c’ and an ‘s’, not double ‘s’.

7. Phlegmatic

It is pronounced approximately as ‘flegmatic'.

8. Etiquette.

This word is pronounced approximately as 'eticket'. Its pronunciation has made most persons spell it wrongly. 

9. Oblige

This word is pronounced approximately as 'oblarge'.

10. Archaic

11. Occurrence

Some persons omit an 'r' when asked to spell this word.

12. Effrontery 

13. Vis-à-vis

Most persons are yet to know the correct spelling of this word. It means 'in relation to.'

14. Exhilarate

15. Exuberant 

16. Pneumonia

17. Appalling

18. Privilege

Quite a good number of persons spell it as 'previledge.'

19. Grateful

You always see ‘greatful’ instead of ‘grateful’, especially on social media.

20. Connive.

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