Literature Texts for 2016-2020 WAEC Examination

Literature Texts for 2016-2020 WAEC Examination

As a tradition that has stood the test of time, the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) changes its Literature texts after a period of four years. Just like our political system where every administration is given the constitutional right to govern the affairs of the country for four years, these literature texts are also used for four years, after which the board changes them.

The texts listed below are for 2016-2020:

  1. Harvest of Corruption by Frank Ogodo.
  2. The Blood of a Stranger by Dele Charley.
  1. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
  2. She Stoop to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith.
  1. Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale.
  2. Faceless by Amma Darko.
  1. The Castle of Otranto by Horace Warpole.
  2. Native Son by Richard Wright.

  1. "Vanity" by Birago Diop.
  2. "Piano and Drums" by Gabriel Okara.
  3. "The Panic of Growing Older" by Lenre Peters.
  4. "The Dining Table" by Gbanabom Hallowell.
  5. "The Anvil and the Hammer" by Kofi Awoonor.
  6. "Ambush" by Gbemisola Adeoti.

  1. "The Pulley" by George Herbert.
  2. "Birches" by Robert Frost.
  3. "The School Boy" by William Blake.
  4. "The Proud King" by William Morris.
  5. "Crossing the Bar" by Afred Tennyson.
  6. "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?" by William Shakespeare.
Drama Text for the Objective Test/Context Questions.
Othello by William Shakespeare.

Tamuno Reuben

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  1. I'm confused about non-african prose.
    Some sites say its the last good man while yours says its the castle of otranto. Please I need clarification. Thanks

    1. I advise you read both because in this year's WAEC examination, WAEC used "The castle of Otranto" instead of "The Last Good Man".

  2. Hello i don't understand "Harvest of Corruption" at all.
    Please help me

  3. I'm looking for a story I read in jss3, it's about an adopted boy who decided to go back and look for his biological parents. I think it's kind of a fantasy novel. I only remember the English name. Its called Godsent or something like that.

  4. please is this year weac for literature all about this books listed above

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