By Roy Clinton
If you have the opportunity to pass through the classroom, don't blow it away.

And please don't just pass through, let the school pass through you as well....

Sure, many might not use their certificate(s) (so I've been hearing), they intend using their talents/gifts.

Truth be told; your greatest Credential is not your certificate.. Its your POTENTIAL.

But, the factful truth is that, its your certificate(s) that aids you the platform/opportunities/listening ears/atmosphere etc. for you to utilize your Potential(s)...

Without a Good, Solid and Quality EDUCATION, your Talent is Empty... It won't speak out loud... You'll just be caged in your own box of ignorance... You'll think you've arrived, when you've not even started.... Yea, that is what illiteracy (ignoranomia) does....

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Without Knowledge (and a Good, Solid and Quality Education), you won't even have the boldness to express yourself... You won't have the boldness to approach and grab opportunities - inferiority complex.




Do you agree?

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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