The Correct Version Of The Seeming Piece

English Lesson Notes for Junior Secondary

The Correct Version Of The Seeming Piece

The other day,I sent you a piece which seemed very correct but filled with grammatical errors. Remember? Well, if you are unable to recollect, you can read it here:

After discussing the piece with my colleague, Godswill Amadi, who helped in fishing out the grammatical errors I couldn't see(although we had differences in the use of punctuation marks), I decided to come up with this as the correct version of the seeming piece.

Read the correct version:

The first doctor,Mr Akin, did a better prognosis than the second,Mr Obin.However,a piece of medical advice from the Health Organisation(H.O) cancelled further medical session involving the patient; the prognosis notwithstanding.The H.O broke news, a heartwarming news, of a European hospital which had offered to grant the patient free medical treatment.The government, according to reports, had received the offer with great joy and in their generosity, decided to foot the bill of her travel.

You can still make your corrections where necessary.