ONYINYE by Kaydee Numbere

Tamuno Reuben

Remember the second son of Apostle G.D Numbere of blessed memory, Kaydee Numbere, whom I told you knotted the traditional tie with the love of his life, Senaabella Onyinye? Well, if you can't remember, read it here:http://www.tammysenglishblog.com/2016/09/kaydee-numbere-knots-traditional-tie.html?m=0

The news is that he just released a love song for his beautiful wife in preparation of their white wedding which comes up on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Wow! One thing is to love and the other thing is make the person you love feels that you truly love him/her. I think Kaydee can do this love thing very well. Lol!
Always check this blog for update.

Meanwhile you can download the song here: Direct download: