Five Ways To Say 'Thank You' In English.

My recent obsession with the English language has tremendously increased my love for the language. If there is any language that is never short of vocabularies, it is the English language as there are many words or synonyms for describing a particular word.  

Today, I will be showing you five different ways you can say 'thank you' in English instead of sticking to the conventional style:

1. Cheers
Undoubtedly, we only know that 'cheers' is used when making a toast to celebrate someone or something at a particular event. However, 'cheers' can also be used to express thanks.
I must say cheers to everyone for honouring my invitation by coming to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with me.

2. You are a lifesaver.
Yes! We use it very often, not knowing that it is another way to thank someone who does something for us. If someone does something for you, you can thank the person by calling him/her a lifesaver. In fact, thanking someone by calling him/her a lifesaver, makes you sound like the native speakers of English.
You are a llifesaver for paying my son's school fees, otherwise he would have been asked to leave the school.

3. I appreciate it/ I appreciate that.
Anytime I published an article on my blog, my readers did say this to me but to an extent, I doubt if they actually knew they were expressing thanks.
This is very common among users of the English language but  may be oblivious of the fact that it is another way to say 'thank you.' When someone does something for you that you really love, you can express your thanks to the person by telling him/her that you 'appreciate it/that.'
'I appreciate it/that' is used to impress the person who did that wonderful thing for you and it shows that you are really grateful for what the person did for you. 
Even when I had nothing to eat, you provided. I really appreciate it.

4. Much Obliged
Unlike 'you are a lifesaver' and 'I really  appreciate it/that,' 'much obliged' is not very common. Generally, this way of saying thanks is seen as being polite and almost shows that the user is of a upper class. If you want to be posh, you can use it.
Ade was much obliged for the gifts he received from friends and well-wishers on his birthday.

5. Ta
This is an informal way of saying 'thanks.' It is not globally understood as it is resigned to the United Kingdom. You can use it while chatting with your friends on Facebook and if they ask you who taught you or where you learnt it from, you can direct them to this blog.
Ta for the cup of tea.

Having shown and explained the five different ways you can say 'thank you' in English, you will.agree with me that the English Lnaguage is very rich in vocabulary. You can start using these new ways of saying 'thank you.' Enjoy!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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