Popular English Acronyms Used On Social Media & Messaging

English Lesson Notes for Junior Secondary

Popular English Acronyms Used On Social Media & Messaging

First and foremost, what is an acronym? In short, an acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word. Acronyms may also contain numbers.

Evolutuon cannot be separated from the English language as the language keeps on evolving due to certain factors. In this case, in order to avoid the stress of typing too many letters while messaging on social media, users of social media have devised a means of shortening their texts and this has led to the emergence of new English acronyms that are mostly used on social media and also, mostly understood by its users.

However, if you don't know the meanings of these acronyms, you need not to worry as I will be showing you some of these acronyms and their meanings:

·         F2F-              Face to Face
·         FB-                Facebook.
·         UWC-            You are welcome
·         G2G-             Good to go
·         LOL-              Laughing Out Loud.
·         LWKMD-        Laugh Wan Kill Me Die.
·         Gr8-              Great
·         HBD-             Happy Birthday.
·         WULLNP-       Wishing You Long Life and Prosperity.
·         BRB-             Be Right Back.
·         LMAO-           Laughing My A** Off
·         LOLz-            Laughing Out Loud(Plural)
·         OMG-            Oh My God!
·         4kU-              F**k You.
·         DP-               Display Picture.
·         PM-               Personal Message.
·         ROFL-            Rolling On the Floor Laughing
·         ROFLMAO-     Rolling On the FLoor Laughing My A** Out
·         RT-                Retweet
·         SMH-             Shaking My Head
·         TBT-              ThrowBack Thursday
·         TGIF-             Thank God/Goodness is Friday
·         Tnx/Thx-        Thanks.
·         TL;DR-           Too Long;Didn't Read.
·         Txt Msg-         Text Message
·         UI-                 User Interface
·         IG-                 Instagram
·         YT-                 YouTube
·         G .                  Google
·         UX-                 User Experience.
·         BAE-               Before Anyone Else.
·         BTW-              By The Way.
·         FYI-                For Your Information
·         LMK-               Let Me Know
·         BC-                 Broadcast Message.
·         BC/Bcos-         Because
·         2moro/2mrw-  Tomorrow.
·         BFF-               Best Friends Forever.
·         No P/NP-         No Problem
·         XOXO-             Kisses and Hugs
·         B4-                  Before
·         B4N-                Before Now
·         TLC-                Tender Love and Care
·         LUV-                Love
·         PLS-                 Please
·         Swthrt-            Sweetheart.

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