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1. Tammy's English and Literary blog offers free online tutorials on English grammar and usage, Literature and effective writing. Always visit the blog for updates.

2. Tammy's blog gives its active readers and commenters a little token at the end of every month, starting from this month. Start reading and commenting on Tammy's blog to be eligible for this offer and please, do not comment as anonymous.

3. The blog also assists final year students of English Language, English and Literary Studies, Linguistics and Literature with their projects.

4. You can also get complete project works on language and literature from Tammy's blog. However, these project works should only serve as a guide while writing your project as Tammy's blog doesn't encourage plagiarism.

5. You can as well get firsthand project works and topics on Tammy's blog.

6. Has your lecturer/teacher given you a very difficult assignment or has your supervisor given you a new topic? Contact Tammy's blog on or through WhatsApp on +2348127076342. Email:

7.Tammy's blog can help you advertise your short stories, plays, poem, articles, music and anything about entertainment.

On Tammy's English and Literary blog, your language satisfaction and command of English remains our utmost priority!

Tamuno Reuben

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