The Things Your English Teacher Did Not Tell You. Part 2

Did your English teacher tell you that English has foreign nouns or he/she only told you about the English nouns? Well, nobody is totally complete; we all need each other in order to create a balance in life and this is also applicable in language study.

Every language borrows words from other languages and English language is not an exception. When a word is borrowed from a language, two things happen: orthographically, you can retain the spelling while phonologically, you can change the pronunciation; grammatically, you can change the foreign plural or English plural.

Here are some words English borrowed from other languages and their plural forms. These borrowed words are called 'foreign nouns.'

Foreign Words.                 Plural Form
Plateau                                   Plateaux
Appendix.                              Appendices
Apex.                                       Apices
Thesis.                                     Theses
Basis.                                       Bases
Crisis.                                      Crises
Corpus.                                  Corpora/Corpuses
Criterion.                                Criteria
Phenomenon.                        Phenomena
Stadium.                                 Stadiums
Index.                                      Indices
Nucleus.                                  Necleuses/Nuclei

Now, tell me, were you told they are foreign nouns by your English teacher? I doubt but I am very sure he/she told you they are English words. This is the major reason you should always visit Tammy's English and Literary blog on www.tammysenglish

On Tammy's English and Literary Blog, we tell you all you need to know about English language because your command of the language is our utmost priority.

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