My Senior Colleague, Sarah Daba Wilson's Stance on Pastor E.A Adeboye's Statement

My Senior Colleague, Sarah Daba Wilson's Stance on Pastor E.A Adeboye's Statement

Supports Pastor Enoch Adeboye's Statement

I've been trying soooo hard not to comment on this issue that's been trending. The one on "don't marry a girl that don't know how to cook and to pray for at least an hour". But I just can't hold it anymore!
The most annoying part is that some 'chics' have seized this opportunity to 'tongue-lash' a highly respectable religious leader, a father by all standards, a spiritual head to millions of people. It is an aberration!!!!
Now, the point is...
Why would anyone even be proud of not knowing how to cook? Don't you eat?
Why would anyone not know how to pray? Whatever your religion is, shouldn't you know there is a 'spiritual' aspect to life as there is a 'physical' aspect? And as such maintain a spiritual relationship with your creator?
What Daddy G.O said was quite simple and straightforward. I consider it the best advice any father would give a son.

We live in an age where some ladies want to live lives they can't afford. You love to eat good food u can't prepare. Ooh! someone please educate me... Is it now an applaudable thing not to know how to cook or pray?

I've heard some say " You can marry her and teach her how to cook"...
My question... As a child, a teenager, a single girl didn't you eat? If you did, pleeeeeaaaase who cooked? And why didn't you learn from whoever it was that prepared your meals?

I've heard some say that there is more to a lady than being able to cook and pray...
Oh please!!! Spare me the crap!!!

You are a monumental failure if you can't keep a home. I make bold to say a 'woman' is first about virtues.
It's simple naaaaa..

Learn how to cook and pray if you don't know how to. So you don't become a problem to yourself and your home when you have one.
Just my two cents.
And plsssss don't coman argue here ooo. You can do so with your village chief!!!