Psquare's Prophecy On Buhari's Administration.

I wasn't really a fan of secular music until 2010 when my discipline spurred me to appreciate all genres of music, and ever since, it has been worthwhile.

Sticking to such escapade and seeing the current situation in the country, I recently found out that just as the birth of Christ is prophesied in the old testament and manifested in the new testament, secular artistes in Nigeria, especially Psquare, had long ago prophesied the reign of President Mohammadu Buhari and the state of the economy through the titles of the tracks of their albums (all capitalized) while other secular artistes only affirmed such prophecy through the same means.

Psquare PERSONALLY told their BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE and Nigerians that there would be a time in the country when a former military leader would be elected as the president. The president with the aim of making the country a better place would come with a change mantra and CALLABO with Baba and other top politicians who see political power as a birthright. The BIZZY BODY of these selfish politicians the president would surround himself with, will put the country in DANGER and recession. Consequently, while others will be whining E NO EASY OH, E DON HAPPEN and THIS NA TEMPTATION, the staunch supporters of the ruling party would be dancing ALINGO and asking Baba to ROLL IT.

The prophecy further revealed that while the wind of change comes with danger and recession, some heartless politicians will say to their mistresses, CHOP THAT MONEY, TASTE THE MONEY (TESTIMONY) and CHOP MY MONEY because I don't care. What a country!

The final part of the prophecy states that, Nigerians, in their state of regret and no going back, will remember a former president and say to him, NO ONE LIKE YOU, you are MORE THAN A FRIEND and we MISS YOU DIE.

Hearing the prophecy, J-Martins urged Nigerians not to relent when the time comes but STAND UP to their feet and say no to their defeat.

Wetin concern Wizkid, he said NO LELE to Psquare's prophecy, but when MR ENDOWED, D'banj,  got to know about such EMERGENCY, he added that the former military leader that will be elected president, will use members of the opposition party as SCAPE GOAT on TOP OF THE WORLD as it will serve as a deterrent to other corrupt public office holders.

Timaya, the PLANTAIN BOY, didn't say much, but in few words, he said that the prophecy was a TRUE STORY by shouting I CONCUR. He portrayed members of the change government as WAYO PEOPLE and LAI LAI people and blasted DEM MAMA using his mistress's UKWU.

Not being oblivious of the fact that LIFE ANAGAGA (ONYEBURU NA TURN BY TURN), Timaya swore never to BOW DOWN (I WILL NEVER BOW DOWN) because Jehovah is his OGOLOGOMMA.

Responding to Psquare's prophecy, 2face (aka 2baba), told his AFRICAN QUEEN and the twin brothers that this is the IMPLICATION of electing OLE (Thieves) as SENATOR(s) and leaders. He further expressed is disillusionment on this administration on one of his tracks titled BABYLON where he featured MI.

Exercising his faith to this terrifying prophecy, the Marvin star, Korede Bello said, amidst all these challenges, those that know their God shall always sing GODWIN as credit alerts, salaries and employments will never elude them.

Duncan Mighty, the PORT HARCOURT BOY, on his part, advised the president to apply AKA NA UCHE when the time comes in order to make the country a better place because wisdom is the principal thing.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


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