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Oct 5, 2017

PLAGIARISM ALERT! Meet these Facebook users who enjoy stealing other Facebookers' posts

This issue of plagiarism is fast becoming a common practice, and if care's not taken, it will get to a point when nobody will see anything wrong in it. It is not just common among Facebook users, but also among artistes, bloggers and academics. Plagiarism is the copying of someone's creative work or ideas, and presenting it as yours, especially without permission. How would you feel if someone copied your creative work without giving you credit?

These days, it is very difficult to get the originator of most of the viral posts on Facebook due to the nefarious activities of plagiarists. Plagiarism is a display of illiteracy, laziness and idiocy. If you love someone's work, why don't you share it, rather than copying and pasting it on your wall, without acknowledging the person? If you must copy and paste it on your wall, you should acknowledge the source or the person by including the name of the person/source at the end of the post. In a situation where you don't know the source, add Copied at the top or bottom of the post. This shows you are learned.

With obvious evidence, a Facebook user, Uche Pete Obi, has on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, humorously vented his anger on one of his Facebook friends, Akintoye-Toks Princeoluwashegunbanks, for consistently plagiarizing his posts. In his post, Uche Pete Obi (who later revealed the name of the plagiarist in the comment session) indirectly portrays the plagiarist as one who does not think, placing his plagiaristic skill on a "very, very professional wavy level".
PLAGIARISM ALERT! Meet these Facebook users who enjoys stealing other Facebookers' posts
Uche Pete Obi's post
See screenshots of some of the plagiarised posts below. Please take note of the date and time as they will help you know who actually copied.

The originator of the post
The plagiarist
The originator
The plagiarist
The originator
The plagiarist

See another case of plagiarism below
The originator
The plagiarist
Having seen that, would you like to report anyone who has been copying your post without your permission or giving you credit? Say NO to plagiarism by sending screenshots of the posts to us on +2348127076342 (Whatsapp only) so we can help you condemn the person's lazy act. Screenshot(s) of the original post must carry your name, the date and time the post was published while screenshot(s) of the plagiarised post must carry the name of the plagiarist, the date and time the post was published. 



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