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Feb 15, 2017

English in Trouble as Cameroon Government Bans the Use of Internet and Phones in Anglophone Regions

English in Trouble as Cameroon Government Bans the Use of Internet and Phones in Anglophone Regions
'Oh! My dear English! Who challengeth thou?' This is unbelievable! This hassle is obviously between the English Language and the French Language. How could a government stop the use of internet and phones among its citizens simply because of a strike action by teachers who were protesting against the dominance of French language use in Cameroon?

This was made known yesterday, February 14, when the Embassy of the United States in Yaounde published a statement that read:
The Government of Cameroon has suspended cell phone and internet service in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

This simply means that the affected areas won't be able to make phone calls let alone accessing the internet. This is really appalling. Have you ever imagined a world without Information Communication Technology (ICT)? What happens to the final year students who need to research on their project topics? What happens to readers of my blog from the affected areas? What happens to those whose relatives are sick and need to pass a message across through phone calls?

The citizens became aware of the seriousness of the government when the police started arresting some persons in Buea and Bamenda who acted contrarily to the new law.

It is important to note that Cameroon is a Francophone bilingual country having French and English as her official languages. Only God can help Cameroon and her citizens in a time like this.



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