How To Do A Proper Introduction

How To Do A Proper Introduction


When you are expected to introduce a friend or someone you are with to another person upon their first meeting, sometimes, it becomes a little difficult to do a proper introduction. Whom do you introduce first? The younger person or the older one? A lady first or a gentleman first? What do you even say?

In any situation when there is the need to introduce two people, note these:

  1. A younger person is always introduced to an older person. For example, "Daddy, meet my good friend, Osei Yaw." Then, "Yaw, meet my Daddy". The reverse is dishonouring.
  2. Introduce a man to a woman in situations when they appear to be of the same age. For example, "Christabel, this is James, my all-weather friend." Then, "James, meet Christabel, my new friend."
  3. When one of the two persons to be introduced holds a position of some distinction, he or she is treated with great respect. Introduce the other person to him or her. For example, "Mr. President, I would like you to meet my nephew, Giovanni".
  4. You are free to add some details about the people you are introducing to spice up the conversation.
  5. During the introduction, a gentleman does not first extend his hand to a lady for a handshake; he waits for the lady to extend her hand.

© Eric Nuamah Korankye (Hamlet)