'If I was' vs. 'If I were' – Which Is Correct?

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'If I was' vs. 'If I were' – Which Is Correct?

“If I was” vs “If I were” – Which Is Grammatically Correct?

If you are expressing a conditional future, the correct expression to use is “if I were.” So it should be “If I were you,” “if my father were here.” However, over the years, “if I was” has become very popular and is gaining respectability. So “if I were” and “if I was” are now used interchangeably in both Britain and America.

Now, this is my advice: if you want to impress grammatical purists, use "if I were." Otherwise, feel free to use "if I was." I personally, use "If I were" in formal contexts and "if I was" in informal contexts.

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