5 Simple Language Learning Strategies Guaranteed To Help You

5 Simple Language Learning Strategies Guaranteed To Help You

If you are one who is interested in learning new languages without getting freaked out by the difficulties faced in the language learning process, then you are at the right place!

You may have observed that someone around you has mastered common Spanish words in a couple of weeks and someone has taken several months only to talk under breath ‘Buenos días’ or ‘Hola’. Making clever choices and using the right strategies can make your journey of learning a new language a lot easier and definitely enjoyable.

Here you will find five simple language learning strategies that will help you to overcome your struggles with learning a language and make it super fun for you.

1. Keep Your Self-Motivation High
Self-motivation is essential for learning a new language. In other words, self-motivation is the key to learn anything new.Source of motivation for learning a language can be anything like your dream to get admission in a foreign university, your wish to communicate with your friend in his/her native language or whatsoever.

5 Simple Language Learning Strategies Guaranteed To Help You

You can make your motivation stronger by associating it with your hobbies. If you are into listening to songs or reading books than listen or read in the language you are learning.

2. Set Realistic Goals
Setting realistic and achievable short term goals is also crucial to be successful in learning a new language. Make it clear in your mind what you want to learn and make realistic decisions about how much time you can give to your language learning process on a daily basis. Afterwards, stick to your decision!

Set goals of learning a few words or phrases on a daily basis. Give yourself a task to watch a movie or read a small article once a week in that particular language which you want to learn and try to comprehend it. If you really want to learn a language, then be your guard yourself.  Ensure that you exert all your energy to master and honestly fulfil the daily tasks regularly.

3. Learn To Pronounce Words Correctly
Many people fail in the language learning process because they do not focus on pronunciation. They want to learn a new language but are not ready to listen. In order to speak in a new language, you need to learn how words sound. If you wish to speak commonly used words more like a native speaker, then you should first pay attention to the pronunciation of these words. You can listen to the pronunciation of various words or phrases online.

If you are watching a movie, pay close attention to what is being said. While listening to the songs, you may actively listen to the lyrics in order to improve your speaking skills.

4. Focus on What’s Most Useful for You
To make your learning process more successful, identify what is the purpose and why you want to learn a new language. For example, if you want to communicate with your Spanish friend, then you only need to learn common words or phrases. In such a case, there is no need to learn the technical side of the language.

But if you want to read an academic book or article, you can have an in-depth knowledge of the language which needs a lot more effort and practice.

5. Take out Time To Practice
Taking out time to practice a language seems more like a chore but you can make it more fun by communicating with a native speaker over social media. You can participate in online challenges to check your progress in a new language or send texts to your friends using the newly learned words.

About the Author:
Lara Smith has worked for Wall Street English for 20 years. After studying at Stanford University and subsequently doing a CELTA course, she began her career in teaching. She is obsessed with languages and currently writes blogs at https://www.mimicmethod.com/.