6 Things about Your Relationship You Should Never Post on Facebook

Tamuno Reuben
We all have that one friend on Facebook who can’t go a day without posting something about their ‘bae’ or 'boo'. While you might feel that itch to post up something about your relationship, there should be a limit to it. Everything that goes on in your relationship mustn't make the headlines on your Facebook wall.
6 Things about Your Relationship You Should Never Post on Facebook
Below are a few things about your relationship you should never post on Facebook:

1. Always bragging about your partner
While it’s good to appreciate your partner, constantly bragging about that special person isn’t ideal. When you constantly brag about your partner on Facebook, it could become a cliché; thus, your partner would no longer appreciate it or would get so used to it. Also, you have to admit that it could become boring and annoying to your friends on Facebook if all they have to see every day is how your bae/boo is the best in the world, and how you would never be with another. It’s also important to know that the relationship might not last forever. The question is, "What happens when it ends?"

2. Having a quarrel with your partner on Facebook
Just like constantly bragging about your partner on Facebook, it’s also ill-mannered and immature to have a quarrel with your partner on Facebook. Your personal ‘beef’ with your partner should be done in your apartment, not on Facebook.

3. Joking about your partner on Facebook
It might be an honest joke, but I’m pretty sure your partner wouldn’t appreciate you baring their shortcomings on Facebook. If you want to joke about their shortcomings, it should be when you are home alone with them, not on Facebook.

4. Everything that goes on in your relationship
Some people’s relationships are well documented on Facebook; by just visiting their Facebook timelines, you can get every gift item, fight, argument, date night, hangout and everything about their relationships. This is not really good for you!

5. A hot/funny picture of your partner
Before you post a hot or funny picture of your partner on Facebook, be sure to ask if they are comfortable with it. Never assume; you would be surprised that your partner might be displeased at it.

6. Seeking relationship advice
You don’t really have to seek relationship advice on your Facebook wall; that would mean you revealing all your relationship details to everyone. You can ask people you trust their judgement privately for advice on your relationship, not the entire Facebook community.