Why We Celebrate Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Mr. Jonathan left power over 3 years ago. There is no Nigerian president, dead or alive, whose birthday celebration has ever resounded like his, not even the present emperor. Nature favoured him. Some of the reasons Jonathan is celebrated are stated below:
Why We Celebrate Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

1. He believes in Rule of Law
This attitude is simply shown in the manner activities around him have been conducted. Jonathan is recorded as the only ex president in Nigeria whose wife has been under prosecution after leaving office. His cousins and nephews are not spared. Just recently, a court in Nigeria acquitted one of his relatives on the trump up charges brought against him by EFCC. Despite the seeming political bitterness, just one phone call from Jonathan to the relevant authority could have stopped the prosecution of his loved ones, but as his nature exhibits, he would rather allow the rule of law prevails. Even the almighty Mr. Integrity has defended his appointed thieves even when they were caught red handed stealing public funds. But no, Jonathan would rather strengthen institutions than create strong men.

2. He built our democracy
Jonathan has been a toast of African leadership because of his role in Nigerian elections. It's on record that the freest and fairest election Nigeria has had(apart from the aborted 1993 general election) took place under his watch. His readiness to deliver the best election began when he declined the call to sack Attahiru Jega, his then appointee who was obviously working against his reelection. He maintained that Jega was the most suitable umpire at that material time and, therefore, ignored all the calls for his sack. The election went against him as speculated. Instead of weeping, Jonathan praised himself for giving Nigeria a hope for democracy. Under his watch, some states Governorship elections were conducted without his interference and won by opposition parties. Same cannot be said of this present government.

3. He is celebrated for his "weaknesses"
Today, the same reasons Jonathan was criticised are the same reasons he has become an international hero. We see him as the weakest president Nigeria has ever had because of his calm nature. But in his weaknesses, he made a point that's been archived for generation to come. His gesture is being taught in political science classes as examples of good democratic indices. They deny him the praises in politics but embedded them as case studies in educational curriculum as Democratic yardsticks.

4. He saved Nigerians
People don't understand the impact of Jonathan's action in conceding defeat in the 2015 election. It's widely agreed by political analysts that Jonathan helped in averting the great loom that was to befall Nigerians. But we haven't paid attention to where the seeming loom was coming from. Those who pretend today to be working for the interest of Nigerians were the same persons who were set to destroy everyone should they lose the election. Hell was ready to overshadow Nigeria. Intelligence reports were available to Jonathan's government. The only way to have averted the danger was to either concede defeat or sacrifice the heads of those set for war. He chose to go in the bloodless way because according to him, "his ambition to remain president is not worth the blood of any Nigerian."

5. He adores his wife and respects womanhood
This is the part of his style I love most. His fondness and admiration for his wife despite all the insults and accusations of her expressional deficiencies is a wow. One can hardly sight Sir J anywhere without his wife beside him. He has built his life around his wife that sometimes I wonder whether he can survive losing his wife. 

Aside this, it's on record that no government since the inception of Nigeria has given women opportunity to serve in government like Jonathan's did. In 2015, he has set the pace to increase compulsory women appointments into his government to 35%. If not that the few women left in this present administration are battling hard, women should have been totally relegated to the kitchen and the bedroom.

6. He is meek, calm and humble
No one who has had encounter with Jonathan would not sing this song. The convoy of the Governor of Nassarawa State was once interrupted by the vehicle of a lady along the express way. The Governor came out of his vehicle and ordered that the woman be brutalised. He, thereafter, came on national TV to defend his callousness.

This is Jonathan whose convoy was attacked many times in the North before and during campaigns. He left the scenes without any form of retaliation. The president of the most populous black nation would have razed down fire, and heaven will not fall. But only Jonathan can be Jonathan.

To us, Mr. Jonathan represents a bundle of peace, good news, simplicity, forthrightness, unity and an inspiration to our generation. May celebration never depart from Jonathan.

© Itsede K. Okhai ( Itse De )

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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