Rivers State Ministry of Education: Approved Literature Texts for JSS 1 – 3 for 2018 – 2021

Rivers State Ministry of Education: Approved Literature Texts for JSS 1 – 3 for 2018 – 2021

Below are the literature texts for Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) 1 – 3 for 2018 – 2021. Please, note that these texts are exclusively for secondary schools in Rivers State, Nigeria.
Rivers State Ministry of Education: Approved Literature Texts for JSS 1 – 3 for 2018 – 2021


i. "A Letter to the Emperor" by Uchendu S. Uchechukwu.

ii. "The Emperor Rules" by Obrasua West.

iii. "Lines of Mystery" by Johnson Nte'ne.

iv. "Son of the Dawn" by Ekanem Friday J.

v. Dotand/Poems by Nduka Uzoma C.

vi. "The Stone Breakers" by Uzo Nwamara.

vii. "Life Symphony" by William Son Rachael.

viii. "Canaan is Far" by Abagha N. Anthony.

ix. "The Dowry of the Virgin" by Onyechi Kingsley.

i. Double Portion by Austin Morris Joe.

ii. Eze Ofia by Linda Okpara.

iii. The Secret Fire by Gospel O. Ibeche.

iv. The Complete Orphans by Ogolo T.

v. Fisherman Stories by Alaye Eremie.

vi. Charles & Friends by Ihenetu Christiana.

vii. The Unbreakable Will by Mrs Asikiya A.

viii. The Opulent Widow by Ogburie Fabian O.

ix. The Innocent Victim by Ikejiaku Janet N.

x. The Child of the Creeks by Tekenate Solution.

xi. Great Mistake by Oyigbo Augustin O.

xii. Time Will Tell by Ibezute C.C.

xiii. The Price of Peace by Rita Innoma Abbey.

xiv. My House Help is Gone by Austin Morris Joe.

xv. Nkwumamini by Atako SB.

xvi. Consequences of Evil by Ibezutu C.C.

xvii. The Unknown Story of Ujagwumai and Whitemen by Frank E.O.

Xviii. Tears of a Faithful Friend by Oruche Joel O.

xix. The Shattered Dreams by Nnenna Iheborn.

xx. The Lunar Princess by Uche Osundu.

xxi. Dark Misary by Nwuzi C.C.

xxii. If I had Known by Modestus Igbosofulu.

xxiii. The King of Lumaa by Ekpobari Martins Gani.

xxiv. Kidnapped by Okparaolu M. Wofuru.

xxv. The Change by Ogolo T.

i. The Pince Must Die by Ibekwe Emme C.

ii. The Ten Commandants by Okeke C. Jerry.

iii. The Death of the Dragon by Amadi G. Ndudi et al.

iv. My Book and Other Plays by Nwoked Nwa N.

v. The Bleedy Soul by Tasie Victor.

vi. Amazon of a New Estate by Agbagha N. Anthony.

vii. Tell It to Parents by Bie Dumka.

viii. The Adventure of Igno by Ekeagba Goodluck.

ix. The Jet Age Mother by Uwemedime Alakpo.

x. The Jury & Her Preys by Idahosa Richaman.

xi. The Sorrows of Widowhood by Erudite Nwa for Chidi.

xii. Walls Have Ears by Eze O. Felicia.

xiii. After Rain by Ibeche Gospel O.

xiv. The Unfortunate by Eze Okonkwo Gloria C.

xv. Wickedness and Its Consequences by Uchenna Chijoke.

xvi. The Greatest Mistake in Life by Okereke Samson N.

xvii. On the Broad Day Light by Uche Nnyagu.

xviii. Ogunwayi (Fight for a Bride) by Ogbueri Chimankpa.

xix. The Waterloo by Nwankwo C.C.

xx. Stars of Delinquent Value by Okpala Uchenchukwu C.


i. "Canaan is Far" by Abagha N. Anthony.

ii. "Thinking and Imaging Poems" by Ogolo T.

iii. "The Bride Groom" by Angus Chukwuma.

iv. Literature for JS 2 by Dayo Oguniyi et al.

v. Excursions Poetry by Ekpenyong Bassey.

vi. Poetry for JSS by Segun Okeowo.

vii. "Drums from the Swamps" by Dimkpa Bie.

viii. "The Earth Listens" by Barrine S. Ngaage.

ix. "Echoes of Corruption Parades" by Nzornenw Rowland C.

x. Lost Destiny and Other Stories and Poems by Darusa Fortune T.

i. The Only Son by Oyigbo Augustine O.

ii. Forest of Tokumbo by Owabie Ikechi G.

iii. Little Ogene Saves Marriage by Abagha N. Anthony.

iv. One More Miracle by Victoria O. Ahanchi.

v. The Paradise Lost by Akalawu Chidiebere. 

vi. The Matchless Oma by Ogolo T.

vii. Kins MEN by Obi Gozie Leo.

viii. Godly Children by Uche C. Okwarva.

ix. Following Her Dream by Marve Ere Bestman.

x. The Adventure of Dunmate by Dumka Bie.

xii. Time Will Tell by Nsirim Eunice.

xiii. Rabbit Foot by Ofuru Thompson.

xv. A Twist of Fate by Eze O. Felicia.

xvi. The Endless Path by Okeke C. Jerry.

xvii. Tina in Disporal by Greatjeins.

xviii. The Birthday Gift by Wobi K.K.

xix. Little Baby in Castle of Riches by Alaye Enamce.

xx. City Stories by Nkemakolam N. Omeodu.

xxi. On the Broad Day Light 

xxii. The Tutor African Tales by Eze Prince D.E.

xxiii. Pauper's Tales by Linda Mike.

xxiv. Too Late to Weep by Eze O. Felicia.

xxv. Reward of Virtue by Ekeh V. Uchenna.

xxvi. The Last Advice by Unugo Emmanuel Felix

xxvii. Evil:The Seed of Destruction by Alaye Eremie.

xix. Opuboy

i. Power Marred Us by Abagha N. Anthony.

ii. Heart of Money by Ekiugbo Stephen.

iii. My House Help is Gone by Austin Morris Joel.

iv. Africa Girl Child by Omeodu Nkinakotam N.

v. Virgin in Exile by Nwokedi S.

vi. The Unjust Verdict by Nwosu Ijeoma.

vii. It Can't Be True by Elechi Emilia.

viii. True Revolution by Uche C. Okwara.

ix. On the Minds of Teens by Echebiri Ikechukwu.

x. Adaugo by Akpojolore Peter.

xi. Selfless Leader by Stephen Ekuigbo.

xii. Okezinuchi (Gift Comes from God) by Nnu Nigeria Ovinuchi.

xiii. Police Man also Die by Anuzie Solomon.

xiv. Successful Failure by Akpabio Joseph.

xv. The Boast of the Living Dead by West Brasua.

xvi. Injured by Wobi K.K.

xvii. Fight for a True Love by Azubuike Odinaka.

xviii. The Price of Peace by Nasi Nkwoma C.

xxiv. No Apology by Lilian Ohanedozi


i. Sunshine Poem by Owabie Ikechi G.

ii. "The Talking Drum Hums" by Mask Linda Nkwoma.

iii. "Democracy of Fenced Walls" by Ngaage Barine S.

iv. "The Diary" by Abagha N. Anthony.

v. Poems for Secondary Schools by Ajumebon JC.

vi. "Who Can Tell vs Forever" by Nnu Nigeria Ovinichi.

vii. "Oily Tears of the Delta" by Ikiriko Ibiwari.

viii. "A Pitiable Sudanese Girl" by Owabie Ikechi G.

ix. "Ancient Drum" by Austine Morns Joe.

x. "Gift of Glory" by Gift Nmekimi Churchill.

xi. "Standing Divided" by Angus Obinna Chukwuka.

xii. "Book of the Blood" by Wachukwu Ukachi et al.

xiii. "Aja MBARI" 

xv. "The Dowry of the Virgin" by Onyechi Kingsley.

xvi. "The Stone Breakers" by Uzo Nwamara.

xvii. "Dotard" by Ucho C. Nduka.

i. Angony of a Modern Plays by Omeodu N.N.

ii. An Aggressive Old Woman by Austin Morris Joe. 

iii. Amazon of a New Estate by Abagha N. Anthony.

iv. The Decree of the gods by Ibekwe E.

v. The Game is no Longer Safe by Okeke C. Jerry.
vi. A Welcome Stranger by Onyeyinchiyeeh.

vii. Ume the Crowned Monster by Anikwata.

viii. Et'numa' (don't say it) by Nwu-Nigeria Ovirinudi.

ix. The Crazy gods by Linda O. Amadi Opara et al.

x. Mother Janet & Son by Ogbueri Chimanka.

xi. The Heavy Parcel by Ogolo T.

xii. Basket of Errors by Ibekwe Emma C.

xiii. The Born Again Devil by Wellington N. Nworgu.

xiv. Slave of Honour by Anuzie Solomon.

xv. The Devils Gang by Uche C. Okwarra.

xvi. Walls Have Ears by Eze Felicia O.

xvii. Govt. Worker by Tasis Victor.

xviii. Not Without Brain by Okeke C. Jerry.

xix. A Musical Lays Beyond the Gift by Ekiero Victor.

xx. Caught in the Web by Goodluck Ekeagba.

xxi. The School Proprietor by Ekiugho Stephen.

xxii. Man Alone Angusi by Abagha N. Anthony.