5 Ways You Can Improve Your English Writing Skill

5 Ways You Can Improve Your English Writing Skill

As long as English is the medium of communication in this part of the world, there is need for improvement as regards your spoken and written English. Many of you may or may not have been sufficiently taught how to improve your English writing skill. Be that as it may, these 5 ways will definitely improve your writing skills if strictly adhere to:
5 Ways You Can Improve Your English Writing Skills
1. Try to expand your vocabulary of English
Do your best to learn new words, difficult or easy. If you don't develop your English vocabulary, you will definitely lack the right words to express your thoughts. Click here to see different ways you develop your English vocabulary. 

2. Work on your English spelling
Never hesitate to practise spelling words which you find difficult. Spelling is a large part of written English, so it's important that you try your best to get the spelling of most words down. 

3. Read regularly
Once you've improved your spelling skill, try to read regularly. Seeing and reading English writing in person will help you understand how sentences are formed. It will also expose you to novel ideas and the style of other writers, which will positively affect your writing skill afterwards. Those who read regularly have more things to talk about on a given topic than those who read occasionally.  

4. Improve your grammar
It's now time to improve your grammar. Practise with the English texts you have read. Use examples from these texts or other English texts to help you with this. Grammar, along with spelling, is an important part of English writing. Make sure to practice using correct grammar when writing in English. 

5. Practise
Above all, you have to practise! Practise writing English sentences, questions, and phrases. Take what you've learnt from reading to help you with the structure of a sentence; use spelling to make sure your words are correct! Take that improved vocabulary, add in some new words, and constantly check to see that your grammar is correct. You just need to practise!