10 ways you can benefit from what your teacher has taught you in class

It is possible to understand a lesson in class and forget it sooner than expected. However, you can put measures in place to change this narrative. The following are worth-noting:
10 ways you can benefit from what your teacher has taught you in class

1. Revisit the lesson at the appropriate time.

2. Don't forget to put whatever you have learnt (from the lesson) into practice in the day. You can do this alone or with other students. Remember, practice makes perfect.

3. Discuss the lessons with friends. Sometimes, discussions stick better than individual studies.

4. Research and study more on whatever has been treated in a lesson. There is nothing like "too much" knowledge. You can hardly forget whatever you teach yourself.

5. Break the lessons into areas of need and interest. The truth is that not every part of the lesson might be needful and interesting to you every day. As you divide the lesson into areas of need and interest, never miss out on your areas of interest.

6. Endeavour to study the previous lessons. They will help you have better understanding of the present and subsequent lessons as some lessons are continuations of others.

7. Don't "swallow" the lessons hook, line and sinker. Ask questions and seek clarifications where and when necessary.

8. Don't be shy to put to use the "strange" things learnt.

9. Teach your children, friends or siblings even if you think you do not need the lessons personally. Like what you teach yourself, what you teach others hardly evaporates.

10. Engage your teacher and classmates in a discussion as regards the topic. Extract relevant questions from the lesson (during your study time) for further discussion in the next class. This will make the teacher to unravel more facts about the lesson (or topic).

Tamuno Reuben

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