The meanings of some contractions and interjections that are commonly used on social media

Most times, when we chat with our friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc., they make use of contractions and interjections whose meanings we don't really know and won't bother to ask maybe because we don't want them to see us as people who are lagging behind. So, we play along and end the chat without knowing or learning the meanings of these contractions and interjections. Please, never you end a moment with your friends without learning a few things from them. If they refuse to teach you, devise means to make them do. What are friends for if not for inconveniences? Lol!
The meanings of some contractions and interjections that are commonly used on social media

As my friend and wonderful reader, I have decided to discuss with you the meanings of some of these contractions and interjections in this article.

Some contractions commonly used on social media
1. Outta (Out of); e.g., Get outta here.

2. Gotta (Got to); e.g., You gotta trust me.

3. Hafta (have to); e.g., You hafta go now.

4. Gonna (going to); e.g., No problem. I'm gonna do what you said.

5. Gimme (give me); e.g., Gimme that book.

6. I'mma (I'm going to); e.g., I'mma take care of you, bro.

7. Ain't (am/is/are not); e.g., I ain't doing any shit.

8. Lotta (lot of); e.g., We had lotta of fun yesterday.

9. Kinda (kind of); e.g., You look kinda tired.

10. Wanna (want to); e.g., I wanna wash my clothes.

11. Dunno (doesn't/don't know); e.g., I dunno what you are taking about.

12. Lemme (let me), e.g., Lemme ask you a question. "Lemme" also means "leave me alone" in Nigerian Pidgin; e.g., Abeg lemme jor.

Some interjections commonly used on social media and their meanings
1. Aah (Exclamation of fear).

2. Hmph (This is used to indicate displeasure).

3. Aww (This is used to mean that something is cute or sweet).

4. Oops (It is used to indicate that something went wrong or you made a mistake).

5. Ouch (Exclamation of pain).

6. Bingo (Used to acknowledge something as right).

7. Eww (Unlike "Aww", this is used to show that something is disgusting).

8. Wow (Expressing surprise or admiration).

9. Yay (A congratulatory exclamation).

10. Oh (It means "I think/see").

11. Yeah (A variant of "yes").

12. Eh (It is used to question something).

13. Uh oh (Showing dismay).

14. Yippee (Exclamation of celebration).

15. Whew (Relief/Amazement).

16. Er (It is used to show that you don't know what to say on a given subject matter).

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