Some phrasal verbs about relationships and friendship

Some phrasal verbs about relationships and friendship

The other day, we looked at the meaning of some phrasal verbs used in telephone conversation. Hope you learnt something new from that article? I can see you nodding your head in affirmation. That's good! Today, I will be showing some phrasal verbs that are used to talk about relationships and friendship. They include:
Some phrasal verbs about relationship and friendship
1. Ask out
To ask (someone) out means to invite them to go on a date with you.
i. How do I ask her out?
ii. Tammy wants to ask Mabel out. What do you think?

2. Fall for
This means to feel a strong attraction to someone; to fall in love.
i. I fell for my girlfriend the moment I saw her.
ii. John really fell for the attractive waitress at his favourite restaurant.

3. Fix up
To fix up means to arrange a date for someone.
I fixed up an appointment to see her.

4. Settle down
To settle down means to begin to live a quiet, steady life by getting married, buying a house etc.
Andrew has finally decided to settle down.

5. Get along with 
This means to have a good relationship with (someone).
She never did get along with her brothers.

6. Drift apart
To stop having a close relationship.
Solomon and I used to be good friends, but we drifted apart over the years.

7. Chase after
To pursue someone with romantic intentions; to woo.
i. Tammy has been chasing after Angel ever since he developed a crush on her.
ii. They are the ones chasing after us.

The Pidgin version of the second example is: "Na dem dey rush us." Lol! Please, note that these phrasal verbs have other meanings, but the meanings discussed in this article were carefully selected to suit the main thrust of the article.