Common English Errors: A compilation of Tammy's online English tutorials 2

Hello friends, this is the episode two of Tammy's online English tutorials. If you missed the first episode, kindly read it up HERE.
Common English Errors: A compilation of Tammy's online English tutorials 2

Remember, no one is immune to making errors when learning, writing or speaking the English language, but you should always ensure that you don't repeat the following errors after learning their correct forms:

1. Please, note that you don't "WRECK HAVOC". You WREAK HAVOC.

2. DON'T SAY: Heavy Downpour.
JUST SAY: Downpour.

"Downpour" already means “a heavy rain”. Therefore, it is unnecessary to describe it with "heavy".

3. Okay. The word is not "CAPSIDE" but "CAPSIZE". Are you still wondering? I mean a boat does not "CAPSIDE" but CAPSIZES.

4. When you are getting fatter, you are GAINING WEIGHT and not ADDING WEIGHT. "Adding weight" does not mean getting fatter.

5. I don't like her, TALK LESS OF making friends with her.
I don't like her, LET ALONE/MUCH LESS making friends with her.  
Avoid the use of "Talk less of".

6. How have you been saying this?
As at when (due).
As and when (due).

7. DON'T SAY: Should in case...
EITHER SAY: "Should" or "In case"
EXAMPLE: Should it rain.../In case it rains...

NOT: Should in case it rains...

8. Who is fooling WHO?
Who is fooling WHOM? 

Use "who" if it can be replaced with "he/she/they". And use "whom" if it can be replaced with "him/her/them". "Who is fooling whom" is correct because the sentence can be rewritten as "Who is fooling him/her/them."

9. Which is your school of thought?
Pump and plain 
Prompt and plain 
10. DON'T SAY: I "intentionally pretended" I didn't see him.
SAY: I pretended I didn't see him.

This is because "pretence" is something that is done intentionally.

11. Have you ever wondered why your meals are always not tasty? You've been making use of "GROUNDED PEPPER" instead of GROUND PEPPER. Always say, "Ground pepper".

12. The police IS your friend.
 The police ARE your friends. ✅ 
 The policeman is my friend.  

13. Next time, SAY: It slipped/escaped my mind.
 DON'T SAY: It skipped my mind.

14. A European.
 An European.

15. Dear choristers, is it "The most excellency is Jesus..." or "The most excellent king is Jesus..."? Please, the latter is very correct.

16. I hear most people sing, "I searched all over; I COULDN'T find NOBODY..." This means you found someone. Always avoid the use of double negatives in English.

17. If you're educated but still pronounce or spell FORK as "FERK", you are not ignorant. You are absolutely corrupt. The word, "fork", is pronounced as spelt. So, clear your negative thoughts. Lol!

18. Don't Say: I have rang the bell.
 Say: I have rung the bell.

Always use the past participle of the main verb after the auxiliary verb, "HAVE".

19. Don't Say: I was OPPORTUNED to meet him in person.
Say: I had an opportunity to meet in person.

"Opportune" is not a verb. It is an adjective. 

20. Don't Say: The President CASTED his vote yesterday.
Say: The President CAST his vote yesterday.

"Cast" is an irregular verb.

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