Different ways you can describe a person as 'thin' without making them feel bad

Different ways you can describe a person as 'thin' without making them feel bad

The popular saying, words are very powerful, is a fact that is inarguable. Words can kill and make alive; they can control the emotions of people. Therefore, no matter the circumstance(s), you should always use the right word on people, especially when describing them. The truth is that a dullard in class wouldn't want to be described as such in the presence of other students. Similarly, the word, thin, is one of the descriptions that people who are "thin" don't like to hear. Perhaps the sound of the word makes them thinner. LOL! It is just like the word "fat", which denotes additional weight so not many people like to be described as fat. So, how would you describe someone who is "thin" without hurting their feelings if you were asked to do so? Just be focused as we sail.

Different ways you can describe a person as "thin"  without making them feel bad

They are positive in the sense that the addressee exhibits a feeling of joy when either of these synonyms of "thin" is used to describe him/her. Some of these words are: willowy, slender, slim, lean etc.
1. Tammy is willowy. This means that Tammy is tall, thin and graceful.

2. Tammy is slender. A slender person is attractively thin and graceful.

3. Tammy is lean. When you describe someone as lean, you mean that they are thin but look strong and healthy.

4. My younger brother is tall and slim. A slim person has an attractively thin and well-shaped body.

From the examples given above, it is obvious that these words (willowy, slender, lean and slim) are positive in meaning as they express admiration and praise.

However, the ones listed below are more negative in meaning and shouldn't be used to describe someone who is "thin" if you don't want them to frown at you:

1. Skinny
A skinny person is extremely thin and unattractive.
The boy is quite skinny.

2. Bony
Someone who is bony is very thin and has very little flesh.
The girl has a bony face.

3. Scrawny
If you describe a person as scrawny, you mean that they look unattractive because they are excessively thin.

4. Gaunt
If someone looks gaunt, they look very thin, usually because they have been ill or worried.

5. Underweight
If someone is underweight, it means that they are too thin, and therefore not healthy.

6. Emaciated
A person that is emaciated is extremely thin because of illness or lack of food.

7. Anorexic
If someone is anorexic, they are suffering from anorexia and so are very thin.

Always choose your words correctly when describing people irrespective of whom they are. This will not only bring about a peaceful coexistence between you and them but will also portray you as one who is skilled in the language.