Meet the word that best describes those who hate Mondays

Tamuno Reuben
Will people ever celebrate Mondays the way they celebrate Fridays? I doubt! It's another Monday where workers and students put on sad faces and angry looks for reason best known to them. You won't hear it from me. LOL! The truth is that almost every person seems to dislike Mondays. If you are among these persons, I have a word that best describes you. The word is lunaediesophobia, and it means an "abnormal fear or extreme dislike of Mondays. It is the correct term for describing people who hate Mondays.
Meet the word that best describes those who hate Mondays

For now, Lunaediesophobia (also known as Monday Phobia) is only available in some online dictionaries so you might not see it in your printed or electronic dictionary. Well, while we patiently anticipate a word that describes those who love Fridays, you can make your Monday exciting by looking at these hilarious tweets below.
LOL! Will you?
Test and see. LOL!

Pot calling kettle black. Hehehehehe!

Behold the almighty letter. This boy must be super intelligent. LOL!


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