If your Boo has either of these Cassavas, S3x will be amazing!

If only TEKNO (the one with the big cassava), and our own Mr Endowed, Dbanj, can attest to this, I will be satisfied. LOL!

A pen!s expert, Dr Shusterman, a Urologic surgeon, has grouped the male genitalia into four (4) different types.

The first according to him is the "The Big Head", and this is when the head of the pen!s appears to be thicker and bigger than the body of the Pen!s.

The second is "the Big Shaft". Unlike in the first type, here the head of the pen!s appears to be smaller than the body of the pen!s, and the pen!s ends in a slight point.

"The Curve" is the third type, and it describes a pen!s that is slightly curved upwards.

"The Bender" is the last but not the least. "The bender" is almost like "the curve" but for the extreme curve that characterises the former. However, Dr Shusterman says if there is an extreme curve on the pen!s, it could be a sign of Peyronie’s disease.

Do you agree with Dr Shusterman? Perhaps you don't because your pen!s type is not mentioned, kindly use the comment box to state other types that you know.

Source: BuzzFeed.com

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