Some Words English Learners Ignorantly Pronounce Wrongly

Some Words English Learners Ignorantly Pronounce Wrongly

English as a language is very complex, and one of the things that makes it complex is the way its words are pronounced. At one point we are taught to pronounce words the way they are spelt whereas at other point we are made to understand that some words are not pronounced the way they are written. The latter has made English learning kind of difficult among second learners of English and those who learn it as a foreign language.

However, those who remained resolute to learning the language and its conventions, regardless of its complexities, have surpassed such difficulty. Through their speaking and writing prowess, one can hardly deny the claim that they are not native speakers of the language. This is no magic but about determination and hard work. If you are determined to succeed, nothing can stop you.

For you to read this article to this point, it is very obvious you are determined to learn. Therefore, do not relent until I have shown you some common English words that you've been pronouncing wrongly due to ignorance. Although there are more than one thousand and one words English learners pronounce wrongly, this article reveals and discusses a handful of them. These words are:

1. Entrepreneur
Are you surprised to see this word occupying the front seat? Majority of English learners, teachers, graduates and undergraduates, pronounce this word the way it is spelt. But the right pronunciation is ‘on-ter-pre-nour’. This is not the transcription but a way of making you know the right pronunciation. Just pronounce it as spelt.

2. Phlegm
Almost everyone who will come across this word for the first time, will include the /g/ sound while pronouncing this word because they are ignorant of the fact that the /g/ sound is silent in the actual pronunciation. This word is pronounced ‘flem’.

3. Receipt
This is a very common one. Most persons pronounce it without leaving the /p/ sound alone. This word is pronounced ‘resit’.

4. Debt
Just like number 3 above, the /b/ sound in 'debt' is not heard in the actual pronunciation. Therefore, it is 'det' and not 'debt'.

5. Pronunciation
This word is actually pronounced the way it is spelt but most persons tend to pronounce it wrongly because they spell it wrongly. Instead of spelling pronunciation, they spell 'pronounciation'.

6. Suite
'Suite' is different from 'suit' but most English learners always pronounce it like the latter. 'Suite' is pronounced as ‘sweet’.

7. Rampant
What you hear in this part of the world is 'rampad' instead of rampant. To an extent, this word is pronounced the way it is spelt except for the second syllable which contains the schwa sound and as a result poses a slight difference in pronunciation from the actual spelling. The presence of the schwa sound in the second syllable makes the word sound as 'rampent'. Please take note.

8. Bastard
What you hear in this part of the world is 'bascad' or 'bascat'. This should be as a result of ignorance. Please pronounce this word as it is written.

There are numerous words in English that don't pique the attention of the listener when wrongly pronounced, but for the aforementioned words, the reverse is always the case. Therefore, endeavour to ensure that you pronounce these words correctly.

Meanwhile, are there other words you know of that are wrongly pronounced by English learners? Please, kindly use the comment box to state them. Your contribution will really help in updating this article.