5 Most Annoying Things Facebook Users Do

It is no news that Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with over one billion committed users. In fact, it has succeeded in creating a world for itself, with its language, culture and inhabitants. Like every other human living in the real world, Facebook users have blood running through their veins and arteries, and as such, react to one another in either an annoying or pleasing manner. The former forms the crux of this article.

5 Most Annoying Things Facebook Users Do

Facebook is an interesting platform that keeps its users connected with friends, loved ones, enemies and the real world. It is more of a perfect world because of the way perfection parades itself on this platform. On this platform, you don't see skins invaded by pimples, heat rashes or eczema neither would you see ugly beings with rags as cloths. Peradventure you've seen the opposite of any of the aforementioned, know that it is one of those funny scenes that is intended to make you laugh.

However, through their actions, some users of this platform are gradually making it look like the real world where imperfection exists. They put on annoying attitudes that awaken the fury in other users. These annoying attitudes are:

1. Plagiarism
I intentionally gave plagiarism the front seat because it is like the devil, walking to and fro looking for whom to devour, but in this case, looking for its rightful owner. It is not just common among Facebook users, but also among artistes, bloggers and academics. Plagiarism is the copying of someone's creative work or ideas and presenting it as yours, especially without permission.

These days, it is very difficult to get the originator of most of the viral posts on Facebook due to the nefarious activities of plagiarists. Plagiarism is a display of illiteracy, laziness and idiocy. If you love someone's work, why don't you share it, rather than copying and pasting it on your wall without acknowledging the person? If you must copy and paste it on your wall, you should acknowledge the source or the person by including the name of the person/source at the end of the post. In a situation where you don't know the source, add Copied at the top or bottom of the post. This shows you are learned.

2. Abusive use of tag
The tag feature on Facebook is not for commanding likes or comments from your Facebook friends; so, stop using it to achieve that. Read when to use Facebook tag here.

3. Finding it hard to comment on/like people's posts
No matter how captivating, interesting and educative your write-up may be, or no matter how pretty you may look on a particular uploaded pic, some of your Facebook friends will never comment on or like it. Please, don't misconstrue my point. I don't mean all your friends must like what you post on Facebook, but there are those who don't comment or like at all. Sometimes you wonder if they are dead or don't see what you post, but the truth is that, they are actively alive and also see all your moves on Facebook. The reason for this action is best known to them, but I suggest either of the following: jealousy, pride, minding their business, shyness, always not on subscription anytime you post, the feeling that their likes or comments might make you a celebrity, don't wanna make you feel special, the post is not worthy of their likes or comments etc.

4. Always looking for faults on people's posts
The annoying thing here is that the same people who see commenting on or liking your posts as an ultimate search, will be the first to drop derogatory comments on your post if they must comment.

5. Invoking the feeling of pity from other users
It is now a common practice on Facebook where most users use words or images to invoke the feeling of pity on them from other users. Some of these words are: "I'm sick", "sad", "oh why me?", "why did you go so soon?" etc. This is so annoying! If you are sick, don't you know the chemist's store? If you are sad, does Mark Zuckerberg give happiness? Who do you want it to happen to when you post "oh why me?"? Your friends on Facebook don't even know the person who went so soon but you are asking, "why did you go so soon?". It is not funny at all! Stop it!

In sum, like the real or the fictional world, Facebook has its own dwellers, and these dwellers possess different character traits, which could either be annoying or pleasing. You have the right to be who you want. Meanwhile, you can use the comment box to state other annoying things Facebook users do.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


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