The 8 Keys Introduced by JAMB and How to Use Them in JAMB Examination

The use of these 8 keys without a mouse as introduced by JAMB is intended to make the navigation of the examination easy and friendly for first time user of computer or any electronic device. Even as we still hope to see JAMB use mouse in this year's UTME, it is important you know these eight keys and what they represent.

These eight (8) keys are:

1. A - it is used for choosing option A in response to questions.

2. B - it is used for choosing option B. If you are sure the answer to a question is "B", you can use key "B" to choose that.

3. C - Used for choosing option C.

4. D - Used for choosing option D.

5. P – represents previous question. If you wanna go back to previous question(s), you are to use key "P".

6. N – It represents next question(s). If you want to go to the next question(s), use key "N".

7. S – is for submit. If you are done and you want to submit, use this key.

8. R – is for reverse.

Important Notice

1. JAMB has reduced its questions to 180 and below is a breakdown of it:
  • Use of English  (60 Questions)
  • 2nd Subject (40 Questions)
  • 3rd Subject (40 Questions)
  • 4th Subject (40 Questions)
2. You are to answer all these questions in 2 hours (120 minutes). Therefore, you need the speed of light to achieve this. I will advise you time yourself like this:
  • Use of English (40 mins).
  • 2nd Subject (27 mins).
  • 3rd Subject (27 mins).
  • 4th Subject (26 mins).

In other words, you need 40 seconds on each question during your JAMB examination.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


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