JAMB Result Is Out: How to Check and Print Your JAMB Result.

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JAMB Result Is Out: How to Check and Print Your JAMB Result.

Have you been wondering on how to check your JAMB 2017 result? If you have, cast your worries into the abyss because this article is just for you. You don't need a CBT registration centre on this. All you need do is correctly follow the easy steps I will be showing you in this article.

The JAMB 2017 results (just like JAMB examination centre reprint and Jamb mock examination result) will be made accessible in two ways: via Email and via your JAMB Profile. In other words, as soon as the results are released, they will be sent to your email. 

You can as well check it by logging into your JAMB profile and print out the results in any CBT registration centre, cyber cafe or with your printer.

To check and print your JAMB 2017 result, carefully follow the steps below.

How To Check Jamb 2017 Results

1. Visit Jamb 2017 Official result checking portal HERE

2. When the site fully loads, a page will open for you to enter your Email and Password. Enter the email and password you used in creating your JAMB profile.

3. Click on your "Login" and wait for the page to load.

4. Your Jamb profile homepage will now open.

5. Scroll down and click "Print Result Slip".

6. Enter your JAMB registration number and examination year.

7. Click on print result.

8. You are good to go! Wehdon Sir!

Don't hesitate to keep me updated on the outcome.