See Why Your CGPA Is Crying for Help (Depreciating) and How You Can Improve It.

See Why Your CGPA Is Crying for Help (Depreciating) and How You Can Improve It.
Have you heard of the popular adage, "There is no smoke without fire"? Perhaps you've heard but did not get the meaning. This simply means that in everything in life there is cause and effect (causality). One event must surely lead to another. 

In like manner, your depreciating CGPA must be as a result of certain factors. Do you think that your CGPA that is below 3.00 in a 5.00 point grading scale emanated from the abyss? 

Lest I forget, hope you are aware of the fact that you need a CGPA of at least 3.00 point to enable run a masters or PhD programme in any university. As a matter of fact, in some courses you need a CGPA of at least 3.50 before you can be considered. Therefore, the earlier you start making your CGPA presentable, the better for you.

Some of the factors below might be responsible for your falling CGPA, and your conscious effort to overcome these factors places you in charge:


Procrastination is one of the greatest contributors to students' failure. It is described as the wide grave where opportunities are buried. Why do you push things to the future when you can address them in the present? I bet you, you can never achieve anything good if you have made procrastination your companion. "Today" is the only asset you are sure of, so start reading now and don't wait for the exams to be close before you start reading.


You open the door of failure the moment you start comparing yourself with maybe the best student in your department. My dear, you are not there for competition. The most important thing is to have a very good result and walk out. Use the time you use in comparing yourself with that student to work out modalities that will catapult your CGPA.


Pride is the fastest killer of students' CGPA. The truth is that if you don't know, you don't know. Why then are you feeling pompous to ask others to teach you? When you are proud, you become too heavy for people to carry. Humble yourself to learn what you don’t know. Ask questions and seek help even from your juniors. Don't forget, pride goes before a fall.


Ehya! Sorry oh! If you are too shy to relate with people, forget it! Your CGPA will never recover from its deteriorating state. Do you need a soothsayer to tell you that you remember a lot when you teach others or engage in group discussions?


By bad company here, I don't mean smokers or cultists but those friends of yours who are not serious with their academics. These persons have a way of influencing your CGPA. It is, therefore, important you do the needful.


My dear when you sleep too much, your CGPA also sleeps. Your CGPA is a reflection of your input. You can’t be sleeping too much and expect your CGPA to be watching over you. Your CGPA na vigilante or gate man? You better cast and bind the problem of sleep in your life o!


Except you are a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), I don't see why you should always blame your lecturers or friends for your poor performance. You will never do well if you keep on blaming others for your failure. It is high time you took responsibility for your failure in order to elevate that sick CGPA of yours.


When you allow your last achievement get into your head, you only make your CGPA go off head (mad). You now feel pompous and relaxed because you did very well the other time, right? I laugh in Spanish. It will look like an Indian movie to you by the time your CGPA starts dancing "Implication" by 2face.

Perhaps you've forgotten, let me remind you that your last achievement is your greatest enemy, both physically and academically.


I have heard students say, "Even if na E sef I like am", and as a result, making them settle for less. This will no doubt make your CGPA weep. Your CGPA trend continues until you decide to aim for the very best and carve out ways of achieving it.


Inconsistency is another key factor that can make your CGPA become a widow. Your reading habit should be continuous and not be a part-time thing.


Do I need to explain this? Well, you don't expect your CGPA to be good when your attendance to classes is very poor. Some of the things your lecturers say in class are the prophecies of your exam questions. When you are not regular in class, you miss them.


Half baked reading will produce a half baked CGPA and graduate. In any exam, the part you didn't read usually appears as the compulsory question of the course. Your lecturer may not cover the scheme but you can do it on your own since you have the course outline.


Don't tell me you expect your CGPA to appreciate when you are always on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms chatting with friends. Please do the needful.


You don't want to improve and you want your CGPA to improve. My dear your, CGPA cannot promote itself. You are the promoter of your CGPA. Therefore, always try to improve yourself. Improve on the way you answer exam questions. Don't use a particular approach always. Try to look for new approaches that will add flesh to your work and thereby making your work distinct and unique from that of other students. Failure to do this will drastically drop your CGPA.


You cannot be distracted and expect your CGPA to be attractive. One must pay the price. As a student, your priority should be your academics.


You can use the comment box to add to the aforementioned factors.