English Graduates Who Graduated with First Class and 2:1 From the Niger Delta University.


It is quite unfortunate and beyond pitiable pity that the educational standard in Nigeria is depreciating by the day. I have heard well meaning Nigerians blame the government for this but the truth is that the educationists (teachers, lecturers, deans, provosts, rectors and vice chancellors) and Nigerians are also to be blamed.

The other day,  I read online how the best graduating student of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) went home with the sum of ten thousand naira (#10, 000). As if that wasn't enough; days later, I read how the best graduating student of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) was given the sum of #250 as a prize. For Christ sake, these are persons who had spent years of sleepless nights and hard work trying to make themselves useful to the society. Rewarding them that way would make the younger generation lose appetite for education.

On the contrary, some persons will spend three months somewhere, playing immoral games and are given millions of naira at the end. Surprisingly, you will even see prominent members of the society eulogizing and promoting these persons for their actions. Something you will never see them do for a best graduating student of any tertiary institution in the country. Nigeria, which way? Well, let's leave that for another day.

Today, I will be presenting to you a list of English graduates who graduated with first class and second class (upper division) from the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State. In the School of Arts and Humanities, they are known as readers. They have read lots of books and novels and above all, proven to the white man that his language is well understood by them. "Dem try sha. To study English no be beans oh." This list comprises English graduates from 2008/2009 - 2014/2015 academic sessions.

2008/2009 Academic Session

First Class
Ekiye, Ekiyokere.

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Agedah, Ebizomoh
2. Ekiye, Joyce
3. Fouyowei, Ebikibina Juliet
4. Gbeinbo, Jonathan
5. Mac-Eteli, Azibataram Lois
6. Meheux, Emmanuel Serena
7. Torukru, Ebiere.

2009/2010 Academic Session

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Akiene, Bariedoora Mercy
2. Erefa, Melvin Oyeinkuro
3. Okporu, Prekebena Ezon-ebi
4. Oruama, Aruh Ruth
5. Ziniye, Suoton.

2010/2011 Academic Session

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Armstrong, Imomotimi
2. Humphrey, Chinemenum

2011/2012 Academic Session

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Daniel, Inabiriyai Numonyo Consider.
2. Dick, Matilda
3. Igiebor, Nosa Emmanuel
4. Kabowei, Oyinkuro Godspower
5. Mmaduka, Hilary Chukwuanu

2012/2013 Academic Session

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Ike, Joseph Onyeka
2. Iwuchukwu, Joy Amarachi
3. Wilson, Sarah Daba.

2013/2014 Academic Session

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Agbogidi, Faith
2. Odigie, Faith Omohe
3. Tamuno, Aribibia Reuben

2014/2015 Academic Session

Second Class Honours (Upper Division)
1. Benson, Ingibo
2. Dei, Epunumokumo.
3. George Idimei
4. Kiapene, Jonathan

Although English is not our mother tongue, these persons tried their best to write and speak the language even more than their native languages. With their results, I am very sure they possess higher degree of competence in the language though there might be some performance errors. 

They deserve more than this. Congrats to them!

  • The placement of names is done in an alphabetical order and not in order of best graduating student.
  • You can contact this blog if you have a very good and legal job for them. These persons deserve more. 
  • I will keep updating the list as I get more names for previous sections and subsequent ones. Therefore, you should keep checking.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


  1. Great, you all deserve better

  2. Enter your comment...Am also studying English language, the course is very difficult for one to obtain a first class in it.

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