Christ's Resurrection:Some Hilarious Clauses You Will See on Social Media on Easter Sunday.
By tomorrow you will know that English is not easy at all as you will get or see different updates on the resurrection of Christ.

Don't be startled when you see updates like:
  • He aroused....
  • He has arosen.... 
  • He's riced.... 
  • He roasted from the dead..... 
  • He araised again.... 
  • He is rising (na yeast?) 
  • Some persons will even put "He resigned."
Most girls after taking selfie will be like:
  • Aww! Being aroused with the king is bae!
  • The arosen queen slays!
  • It is fun to arouse with the Lord!
  • Based on logistics, He is finally aroused.
The spiritually minded ones will say:
  • Because Christ has arised, my problems shall arise this year.
  • The power that arouse Christ today must arouse me too. (After being aroused, what next? Lol!)
  • The aroused king must visit every Tboss in my life.
  • Thank God for this morning! I finally riced with the Lord.

English go really fall people hand tomorrow oh! Lol! You can add yours oh!

Happy Easter dear!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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