Lyrics of Wehdone Sir by Falz

Lyrics of Wehdone Sir by Falz


You dey pop bottle when we dey club, but your rent e dey hard you to pay up You dey owe money since last year, but na brown new jeep you drive here
You dey pour bobo give this fine girl, you dey tell Mary say you will die there
So you get seven babes you dey take shine, and you promise all marriage at the same time
And you claim like you come from the Northside but your name is James on the h’online
You dey form big baller you dey chop bar, Meanwhile you be h’internet fraudster
According to your friends and your tight gees, you were finishing school in the 90’s, But we read it in the paper and the magazine, that your present h’age is 19

Excuse me I beg your pardon, this your story e no dey add up, this your Fabu e dey mad gon, But.. Who am I to take a h’action?
So I say Wehdone Sir (4x)
Tell am say Wehdone Sir (4x)
Tell am say Wehdone Sir (4x)
So I say Wehdone sir (4x)

Second Verse:
Your pastor dey go holiday abroad, but you still dey pray, in the name of God
Make you see food oh, make you no fade to dust
Man of God dey chop, im dey robust in your small salary you will pay your tight, fellowship in the day, crusade for night
So you out there looking for more cheese,
But apostle’s getting on Forbes List
Gu mi no dey go, by house for Jand, When
man no Get Shin Gbain for hand.
You say money no dey, make we
h’understand, but his private jet is about to land.
Illu lo kpe this time around, foreign account they convert to Pound
You didn’t know when you are Splashing out, You say that the Naira is Crashing out
(Repeat Chorus)

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