Disputed Tag: A New Tool to Eradicate False News on Facebook

Tamuno Reuben

Disputed Tag: A New Tool to Eradicate False News on Facebook
Are you a carrier or sharer of false news? You have to tread with caution this time around because Facebook is out to fight you tooth and nail.

Smiles. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook - the largest social media platform with billions of users from around world, is on it again. This time around he has rolled out a new tool known as 'disputed tag' for fighting false news on your news feed before you even read them. This tag will be inscribed on a post that has been confirmed false, so if you see a post with the inscription, 'Disputed by Snopes.com and Politifact', as in the image above, you should know that that news or post is fake.

When you see a story on your news feed and you are sure that the story is fake, you can flag the story as being fake. Once this done, Facebook passes the flagged or disputed story to a third party fact-checking organisation that checks the factual element(s) of the story. After checking, if the story appears to be false or misleading, the 'disputed tag' will be written boldly on the story with a link to an article that explains why the story is false

Some Facebook users could be very stubborn. They may still want to share a story that is tagged fake or false. Well, you can share it but before then, you will receive a warning message from Facebook. I think the death of false news on Facebook is very near. 

All hail Mark Zuckerberg! Smiles. Well, don't be overwhelmed with excess joy because for now, this feature is only available to few users but will definitely be available to all users soonest.

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