Beware of These Fake Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria

Fake Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria
Are you still willing to invest your money in different ponzi schemes despite the news and rumours clothing these schemes? Is your decision as a result of the persuasions from some of the beneficiaries of these ponzi schemes? Well, I am not against your investment decisions but one thing is to invest and the other is to invest wisely.

Undoubtedly, the current economic situation in Nigeria has given rise to different ponzi schemes, especially after when the father of all ponzi schemes, MMM Nigeria, went on a break that has kept majority of its participants stranded even after its return on January 14, 2017. In order to make up for their "yet to recover losses' in MMM, affected participants and even unaffected Nigerians (who intended to make huge amount of money within a shorter period) have associated themselves with numerous ponzi schemes that profess quick returns and better offer than MMM. Unfortunately, some of these schemes have kept such persons totally disillusioned.

These ponzi schemes have a tradition of paying new members, especially at their early stage of inception but disappears with the monies of unlucky members into thin air after a period of two weeks or one month.

In order not to allow you become a prey to such predatory schemes, below is a list of some fake ponzi schemes in Nigeria:
1.      Quick money
2.      Joyful donor
3.      SpringCash
4.      smile2charity
5.      O give
6.      Pay donor
7.      Samapay
8.      Naira payout
9.      Help forum
10. Cashblaze
11. Our Social Wallet
12. Paydoublers
13. Helping Community
14. Greenspeer
15. Divine fund
16. Double Cash
17. Waxpress
18. Paymepayyou
19. Thriftonweb
20. Kaynation
21. Peer to peer
22. Oil pot exchange
23. Paycycler
24. Fund Niche
25. Nairapropeller
26. All the hourly ponzi schemes on WhatsApp.
27. ncycler.
28. The ones I can't recall now and more fake ones yet to be created.

Although MMM and twinkas were paying some of its members as at when this publication was made, it is important you have a rethink before investing your hard earned money.

For Ultimate Cycler, you can be paid only if you refer persons.

MMM, West Africa is the bomb for now as members and new members can PH and also GH but who knows what the future has baked for it?

Is there any scheme (not mentioned in list above) that has ridiculed your intelligence? You can state it using the comment box.

Be Wise and Don't Be a Victim!

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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