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Jan 8, 2017

The Difference Between IT and IT'S

These words (its and it's) are used interchangeably. I have read the posts of so many persons especially on social media  where "its" is used instead of "it's" and vice versa. Hence, the need for this tutorial. This article explains how and when to use these words.

Generally speaking, "it" is a third person singular pronoun and it is used to refer to inanimate things and new born babies.
  • The book is mine./It is mine.
  • The baby is crying./ It is crying.
In the above examples, "It" still refers to 'book' and 'baby.'

When/How to Use "Its"
Unfortunately, most persons ignorantly make use of "its" while referring to "it is." "Its" is a possessive pronoun; thus, it is used to show possession. In this case, it is used to show things own by an inanimate object which has its pronoun reference as "it."
1. This house is mine and its content are not for sale.
In the sentence above, "its content" refers to the things belonging to the house, i.e. things in house.

You can still say, "It is mine and its content are not for sale." "Its" in this sentence refers to things belonging to "it" which is "the house."

2. Government is an interesting subject because of its content.
Same explanation of example one is applicable here. The sentence can also take this form: "It is an interesting subject because of its content." "Its" is showing what government as a subject contains or possesses that makes it interesting.

When/how to use "It's"
Simply put, "It's" is the contracted/shortened form of "it is." e.g. It is my book/ It's my book. 

In sum, whereas "its" is used to show ownership, "it's" is the shortened form of "it is."

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