Summary of A.H Mohammed's The Last Days at Forcados High School.

Summary of A.H Mohammed's The Last Days at Forcados High School.

This is a chapter by chapter summary of JAMB's recommended literature for English Language, A.H. Mohammad's Last Days At Forcados High School. If it is difficult reading the main text, it shouldn't be difficult reading the summary.

Chapter One

It was the resumption of Forcados school, Jimi Solade is in his final's. He was still fast asleep when Wole, his elder brother came shaking him from sleep. 

Wole called his name just to wake him up. They both were so happy to see each other, being a while that they had seen. Wole glanced all over the room and saw that some of the decorations were still intact because it was Wole's room. He saw Jimi's watch and took it. He also demanded some money as usual from Jimi. Only their mother knew that Wole had returned after forging his father's signature. Jimi was having his breakfast and Wole watching cartoon when their father, Mr. Kola Solade came from his room. He rubbed his eyes very well to make sure that it was Wole. He barked at Wole to leave his house. When Mrs. Solade who was busy in the kitchen with Risikat their maid pleaded with Mr. Solade, her husband, Mr. Solade accused her of over pampering the children. Jimi joined to kneel before his father beside his mother except Wole who was smiling but Mr. Solade insisted that Wole must leave the house. Mrs. Solade suggested they invited their uncle, uncle Kazeem and Shola to talk to Mr. Solade. 

Jimi angrily left his unfinished breakfast and rushed out of the house when he heard his Childhood friend, Ansa Izaegbegbe called his name and they both left for school after exchanging greetings.

Chapter Two

Forcados school has won regional quizzes and sport. Jimi was so good at sports and academics because he is the best in football, athletic club captain and health prefect. He had won many awards and medals for the school. All the students like him because of his friendly and perky behaviour. Mama Silipat, the puff-puff and akara seller likes calling Jimi by his full name Akijimi or "Omo mi" (my child) as she liked giving him the biggest piece. 

Ansa was a bit jealous as everybody wanted to associate themselves with Jimi. Jimi had been his hero right from primary school because he's good at many things while Ansa was only good at arts. 

Ansa never liked the first day because he was being welcomed by further maths, physics and new slogans in music. He had nothing to say while others were discussing the above. Nene Ekpo, friend to Ansa and Jimi came to inform him about Efua Coker, an old childhood friend [who Jimi Solade once put a dead lizard on her desk while they were small] would join them but Ansa had no memory of her. 

Eze, a smart unspoken kid and Jimi were the best in chemistry. Teacher Bolade (nick-named cane) always in search of scape goat and late comers. Okon-Gorilla-like miserable bully. Caro, who liked chewing gum all the time was tagged queen bee and was seen as Jimi's girlfriend. 

The students crowded into the hallways after the 8 O' clock morning national anthem conducted by the head boy. The boys were in white shorts, black ties and black trousers. Girls in black pinafores over white shirts. Jimi later went to a deserted corner of the school to listen to some music via his earphone and to think about the current situation at home, his mother who looked ill told him she was fine. Wole was back, faller once made him travel to distance birth of them when he got to know Jimi's secret conduct with Wole. Jimi quickly came back to himself so that he won't allow anything affect his studies. Seyi Lawal came to call him that Mr. Mallum, the principal had summoned prefect meeting. They both walked past Efua and her mother, Funmi, walking towards the principal's office. 

Efua's mother later took a taxi to Mrs. Alli's house where she dropped Efua and left immediately to the airport.

Chapter Three

Efua's mother, (Funmi) took her to her aunt in a rickety jerky taxi. Aunty Moni lives in a grey building. She is a small, round woman who welcomed Efua and her mum by the gate of her house. 

Efua's mother left Efua and aunty Moni hurriedly to catch a flight while Efua carried her bag inside and went in with her aunt who could not help chatting about Forcados High School as regards their excellent results and Nene Ekpo, the pastor's daughter as a good girl. 

Nene and her mother later paid a visit to aunty Moni at Balogun street, giving the girls an opportunity to know more about each other, since it was long they saw each other. Nene never expected that Efua could have grown as beautiful as she appeared to be. Both girls at the balcony discussed more of their academic pursuit as Nene introduced her interest in commercial class and Efua's in science class. Nene explained more on Forcados High school, the eight 0' clock assembly in which pupils are expected by 7:30 am, the weekly hair style and Forcados as a boys and girls school not like Efua's former school that is girls' only. Nene also tried to bring to the memory of Efua, Ansa and Jimi but she couldn't. 

The next day at school, the students as usual in front of the hall were getting ready for the early morning assembly. Jimmy, in preparation with other prefects carried out the principal order against: chains on trousers, dangling earrings for girls, inspection of finger nails and socks. He observed Nene and saw the new girl and called the attention of Ansa. He later got to know through Ansa that the new girl once attended the same primary school with them. Curiously Jimi dragged Ansa to Nene to familiarise himself with Efua Coker. Nene introduced her to both boys but Efua gave an unwelcome attitude to the boys when she remembered how Jimmy had put a dead lizard on her table while they were kids. 

Efua never enjoyed her first day in Forcados because the teachers were not friendly to her as they were all so surprised to see a new student in SS3. This was because they thought that Efua's result might affect the continuous academic record being set by the school. 

Mr. Mallum, being the principal of Forcados made it known to Efua that she was admitted into Forcados because of the recommendation from her principal Mrs. Obange, in her former school as an A- student. Though she got expelled from school because she ran away from the school, St. Catherine in Abuja. The headmistress Mrs. Obange wasn't a bad person, it was Efua who stylishly decided to make Mrs. Obange to make her leave the school just for her to be far away from her mum and her step-father.

Chapter Four

Jimi Solade arrived home to meet his father angry because he wanted to travel later in the afternoon but couldn't find his briefcase. Jimmy never felt his appetite again even when he thought he could arrive home to settle down and ease himself from the hunger in him. He never likes to experience the tussle at home between his father and elder brother, Wole. 

Jimi's father was angry because he thought Wole could have stolen his brief case being his usual act. Jimi's mother later found the briefcase after which she advised Mr. Kola Solade to always be patient while in search of things but Jimi's father spoke harshly to his wife. This prompted Jimi to caution his father abruptly for the intervention of Jimi's mother. Mr. Kola Solade could have swiped Jimi his son if not that Jimi's mother pleaded that it was just a child's talk. Mr. Solade took his bag and went out as Jimi stared through the window and watched his parents talking earnestly while it ended with his mother touching his father gently on his cheek. When Mr. Solade entered in his car to drive off Jimi continued to wonder why? 

Wole later arrived home to celebrate the absence of "the old lion" as he called his dad, Mr. Kola Solade, which Jimi asked him not to let his mother hear him. Wole inquired to know why Jimi was too sober lately. With much pressure, Jimi opened up as regards the new 'chick' in his school, Efua to Wole which they both laughed about on and on as they discussed deeply. Wole demanded some money from Jimmy as he was dressing up to go to an undisclosed destination which Jimi insisted to be of help only if he would know where Wole was about to go. Wole later asked Jimmy to join him if only he would keep his mouth shut. Jimmy saw that it was an opportunity to spend some time with his brother in such a good evening. 

They both later arrived at a dead end street with several uncompleted buildings where Wole met with a man to make a quick 'exchange of hands' that made him return to Jimi with a small nylon where he instructed Jimi to wait for him some distance away before he met with the strange man. Jimi inquisitiveness to know about the small nylon was useless as Wole gave no answer but invited Jimi to go and have some fun in a bar on the ground floor of a block of cramped, evil smelling apartment with groups of young men sitting at a table with bottles of star and Guilder beer alongside squadron gin listening to Nigerian pop music blasting from the speakers. 

Jimi also gave all of them at the bar stapling handshakes just as Wole, just to hide his nervousness. A man with a street-worm face and short, spiky dread locks offered Jimi a drink among them. The flash back of how Mr. Solade behaved earlier that day made Jimi to drink the beer. 'Rat face', another man among them gave Jimi a cigarette to smoke. Though Jimi wanted to reject it but amidst intimidation even from his brother Wole, he took the cigarette. 

Jimi who was working around the bar quickly put himself in order when he realised that the ladies in the dark corners in the bar who he was staring at were not waitresses but prostitutes. Jimi was becoming so sick and tired with the situation of things until 'rat face' left the table and returned with a small wrap of paper which they lit up (excluding Jimi). 

Jimi noticed the smell and realised it was 'India hemp'. Jimi felt highly uncomfortable with the gathering and with his feet a little unstable, he told them he was going out but Wole barely noticed him. Jimi was outside the bar when he saw a minivan packed in front of the bar with uniform personnel jumping down. He saw a flash from torch ordering him to stop with a chase as he escaped through a rickety bush. He felt unhappy amidst fear that he felt his elder brother in danger. Though Wole as well arrived not quite long which Jimmy was so happy to see him home safe. 

Wole calmed Jimi after a warm hug and explained that the uniform men only wanted money but they found nothing on him. Wole went to Jimi's trousers where it was hanging and being pulled out a pocket to take what he had put in Jimi's pocket without his knowledge. Jimi was so shocked and angry; what about if he had been caught with the substance by the police? He wanted to put up a fight with his brother but Wole reminded him that their mother would finally know of their deeds if they shout further. He however promised to make it up to Jimmy. Jimmy felt terribly bad and wanted to throw up.

Chapter Five

Efua was in her room with her diary thinking of St. Catherine, her former school, on how she missed hardiza and how she would get in touch with Dada and how to write an apology letter to Mrs. Obange her former headmistress as well felt sorry for herself. Back at Forcados, Efua had been given the nick name, 'witch', as regards her keeping to herself alone at school. Though she was doing well academically, other students considered her arrogant. But Jimmy could not help admiring her and was ready to be friends with her. 

Jimmy, even after one assembly day had said 'hi' to Efua which Efua did not reply to make Jimmy understand that she had no desire to reply his pleasantry. Mr. van, the physics teacher had a class on the topic, 'momentum' in which Jimmy displayed his 'academic wealth' before the class in order to impress. Efua however saw it as an unnecessary show-off. 

Efua had a quarrel with Jolly, the big boy in art class while he was trying to make friend with Efua with unpleasant and unnecessary words. Efua told him off harshly hence he promised to get back at Efua. Nene later met with Efua to warn her against boys like Jolly in Forcados and how unpleasant they or Jolly could be if they felt offended that Efua should mind how often the student speak ill of her because she's so worried about her. Efua emphasized her intention not to be anybody's friend. 

Caro and Jimi had a quarrel because Jimi was staring at Efua when she passed by with Nene while Jimi was before Caro discussing with her. Caro angrily left Jimi and he became furious as well and Joined Bayo and other boys in the field to play football.

Chapter Six

Nene Ekpo was busy imagining how she would get done with all her chores for the day. Starting from how to quickly pick her brother from the nanny at mother's joy nursery school because she was behind the time already and how she would go to the market, grind pepper for dinner and do school assignment. 

Nene is known for her good behaviour at school and also in church as she usually help in the children section. She had been a devout Christian right from when was eight years when she took the decision. Since then, it has prevented her from indulging in some unwanted act like her peers at school. She had started getting concern about her looks lately quite uncomfortable that she wished she were pretty. 

Efua latter in the evening dropped by to see Nene in order to apologise over her snobbish attitude While Nene was trying to advise her. She met Nene and her mother cooking in the kitchen and joined them. Efua expressed her admiration for Nene's mother to Nene which Nene as well reflected in her thought how Efua's mum could have been a nice mother. She as well persuaded Efua to try to be friendly with Jimmy because it could result in Efua to also meet with Mrs. Solade, Jimmy's mother. Though Nene mistakenly linked Caro as one of Jimi's friends at school not to have mentioned because Caro could be so naughty at times. She always referred to Nene as sister Nene and once called Nene a fashion blunder! 

Nene is just a beautiful girl but her voice could not stop giving her beauty. Ansa also friend to Caro is a small and shy person though he's talented in painting. Nene is the only girl in Forcados that knew everything about Jimi's family. Nene was busy thinking about how girls in the school were disturbing Jimi because of his general positive and physical attribute and how Jimmy always stares at Efua but not her, Nene. Sooner, she quickly came back to herself (a pastor daughter) when her younger brother opened the door to her room to request for more custard.

Chapter Seven

The principal introduced a youth corp member who will stand in for Mr. Salami to teach the English language. Miss Agbenenovi had been introduced five weeks to the new term, she suggested to the student to call her Miss Novi. 

The students later gathered in the school hall to discuss and prepare for the mid-term dinner. Caro bumped into Efua at the entrance of the hall leading Effua's books dropping on the ground while she walked away with some other girls as they laughed and murmured some words. A student who introduced herself as Joke joined Effua to pick her books from the ground while she tried to discuss Caro's negative attitude towards Effua that it was because Jimmy and Effua were having something in common which Effua detest strongly. 

Joke and Effua went into the school hall where things were being put in place to prepare for the mid-term dinner. Ansa's painting was the talk of the day as the school Choral group were in rehearsal with Nene to lead the vocal, Jimi was everywhere and Effua wished she could also have something to participate in. Effua boldly appreciated Ansa painting before him but Ansa was so shocked of words because Effua had never spoken to him before Jimi tried again to gain Effua's friendship but Effua rejected it and walked out of the hall. 

Their attention was suddenly called towards the helter skelter movement of some other students. A junior boy had fainted but Miss Novi breathed in his mouth and asked a boy to press the chest of the fainted boy with his hand fifteen times before the boy came up and he was taken to the school clinic. Effua and Nene were at the entrance of the hall where the mid-term dinner was taking place on the fixed Friday. The two girls never wanted to attend because Nene never saw any reason to dance to worldly music being a Christian. Effua's aunt however would not allow Effua stay at some during the mid-term dinner because she wanted her to mix up with other students. 

Jimi was part of the organising committee but no girl wanted to go close to him because of Caro. They believed she owned Jimi, the DJ had called up all the boys and girls to the dance floor and suggested that each should have a partner to a dance with. Effua had rejected Jide the smallest boy in the class whom she later apologised to when she returned from the ladies where she had been bullied by Jolly and his friends. 

Jimi came to chase Jide away from Effua while both were dancing and forcefully wanted to dance with Effua. Effua was angry with Jimi for bullying Jide away. In the process the drink on the tray from the waiter that Jimi bumped into spilled and stained Effua's dress and many of the students who saw the scenario never felt sorry for Effua as she ran past Caro amidst her negative gestures and remarks. 

Outside the hall where Effua was sitting alone, Miss Novi's brilliant act towards the junior boy who Miss Novi brought back to life through the mouth-to-mouth breathing amazed her. Miss Novi explained to Effua that the act was cardiopulmonary resuscitation and that she belonged to an NGO that she volunteered herself in Sierra Leone for three months. Effua also told Miss Novi how she was the editor of the magazine in her former school and how she was a member of the Angel of mercy who were into charity work. 

Miss Novi later asked Effua if she would like to join the group where she belonged which was: Group for the support of women and children's rights. Effua was so happy for the opportunity. 

Miss Novi left Effua when she saw the students coming out of the hall after the party. Nene ran to Effua to plead behalf of Jimi and sounded so inquisitive to know what Effua was discussing with the new teacher.

Chapter Eight

The term was towards the end and the school was preparing for inter-house sports tournament that would involve football, march past and races among the school's four houses; the lion, the cheetah, the tiger, and the leopard. The rehearsals do come up every day after classes as each group would gather to cheer their team-mates. Nene approached Effua to join the carol night practice because her voice could fit in the tenor section since there were not many males to fill in the section but Effua explained how busy she would be because she had been going out with 'Erdoo' as she did call Miss Novi. Because of her, Effua had gotten involved with the NGO awareness. Though she later promised to sing but she left immediately when she saw Jimi approaching. Jimi in the process called Effua a witch when he got to Nene. On the contrary, Nene told Jimi that Effua was a good girl that he should try to know her better. 

Jimi looking at the list of the names for the carol song quickly volunteered to join the choir as he asked if Effua would be singing. Nene was so shocked by Jimi's demand though he promised to invite more boys who would sing. 

On the day of the inter house sports, the 100 meter race for the boys was the last of the event. Jimi from Tiger house against Icheen Igho. The atmosphere was so tense that teachers and parents waited under the canopies anxiously to see which of the two won the race leaving Nene to appraise him and Effua to mock his peacock gesture. 

Jimi sang very well at the Christmas carol with his funny father Christmas cap. The music teacher was so impressed with Jimi while Nene sang the soprano's solo beautifully well. The principal commended Effua at the end of the term for her academic performance and how she had been going along with Miss Novi for all kinds of NGO activities to make the world a better place. Though Effua never liked why Jimi was in the choir she also disliked being called baby doll by the music teacher. 

Ansa was not happy because he had failed the 1st term exam and his mother might stop him from painting. Jimi won the best athlete's trophy and a prize for the best exam result again while all the girls could not stop admiring and the school praising him.

Chapter Nine

Jimi was busy thinking about everything in his life. The school activities alongside Effua's dislike towards him, his father's grumbled attitude towards Wole who is now doing a computer diploma course at an institute. The family had tried to see if Femi Solade the eldest of Mr. Kola Solade's son in the UK could assist Wole to the UK, but he was just like his father who would not like to have anything to do with Wole because of his attitude. 

Jimi enjoyed all the parties that he went with all his friends both at the beach and night club. Jimi was the only one at home because his father had gone away for a job and Wole also was not at home. A bang on Jimi's bedroom door put him to his feet as their maid Risikat alarmed Jimi that his mother had fainted. Jimi rushed to kitchen when he saw his mother on the ground with a little cut on her forehead where she hurt her head. Jimi in fear quickly felt the slight breath of his mother that signified life in her. Jimi got a wet cloth to rub his mother's forehead and about five minutes later, she got back to her feet and moved to the sitting room. After much persuasion, she finally agreed to go for a medical check-up and got admitted in the hospital. Jimi went back to the hospital the next day where his mother revealed to him that she had ovarian cancer. Jimi could not believe his ears as his mother tried to sound as if it was nothing quite serious. She also spoke about how loving Mr. Solade was, that he really loved Jimi and Wole so much only that Mr. Solade nearly went bankrupt over what Wole did to him [Wole falsified his father's signature]. She tried to calm Jimi with all intensity as he wondered how and what could become of his mother. The pains and agony that she would go through with like other cancer patients. 

Mr. Solade had returned from business tour after Jimi put a call across to him a day before at the hospital. Uncle Kazeem was also around after Mr. Solade inquired about Wole's presence just to know if he had gone to his mother, which he did. They all went to the hospital to see Mrs. Solade. She sounded so healthy and continued to inquire about the situation at home especially with Wole. After a while, Mr. Solade requested they should leave for home to pay a visit another day but Jimi was reluctant to go home with his father at the moment. This resulted in Mrs. Solade appealing to Jimi to go. 

Ansa and Nene both came with their parents to pay a visit to Mrs. Solade in the hospital when they heard about what happened and Nene promised to always pray for her speedy recovery.

Chapter Ten

The second term had begun. The students were all in the chemistry lab trying one or two experiments and Mr. Edet the subject teacher came to see how the students were putting in their best. Effua was also busy filling a burette and made several eye contact with Jimi. 

Jimi continue to imagine why Efua was busy staring at him. Mr. Edet had asked Jimi to wait behind to tidy up along with him in the lab. In the process, he inquired what was wrong with Jimi. Jimi however responded that nothing was wrong with him. Mr. Edet was happy with the new set of laboratory equipment for the students' forthcoming exams. Mr. Edet asked Jimi to join the technician and gave him the key to the cupboard where the formalin was kept and also asked him to join to label the snake for the practical. 

Jimi requested to take his leave after some minutes past 4 O' clock. He remembered his last visit to the hospital and the agony that his mother was going through amidst the drip-drop of the chemotherapy with his mother's eyes begging for death. Jimi threw up when he could not hold back his thought anymore. He left the grass before him to wash his hands and mouth and standing behind him was Effua who as well had waited to assist Miss Novi over the weekend campaign against child hawking. Effua later got to Jimi to express her concerns for Jimi's predicament, "Nene told me about your mum," Efua told him. "How is she feeling now?" 

Jimi replied in a short and straight manner. They both later walked out of the school gate and arrived at a street where there were gun-shots and pandemonium between the police and the area boys. Efua and Jimi took to their heels and hid in an uncompleted building. From where they hid. Efua spotted a learning impaired disabled boy within the age of ten standing helplessly amidst the "cross fire". She dashed out towards the boy while Jimi followed after her and tried to tell Efua to leave the boy but care for her own safety. 

Efua grabbed the boy and Jimi grabbed Efua. Before they knew what was happening, Efua found herself in a nearby gutter just after someone behind her pushed her. The trio ran for their life and left the scene. 

Jimi at the moment had a small cut on his lips as the boy burst into tears. 

Jimi quickly suggested they go to Mr. Samu bar, the ice-cream place not far from them just for them to be totally safe from danger. 

Mr. Samu welcomed them after they banged on his door. 

Efua and Jimi discussed deeply at the bar and they both laughed continuously. Jimi had never seen Efua laughed like that before. Efua explained more about the boy as Jimi asked more about him. 

They later droped the boy at his boarding school and the instructor of the school was happy with Jimi and Efua. They both walked the way home as the street had become so calm as though nothing had happened earlier. The normal street activities have commenced fully. Efua thanked Jimi for his support throughout the day as she was about to go into her house. It was at that point that Jimi realised they had been holding hands for long. Efua squeezed his hand a bit to say goodnight. Jimi went to bed that night with a half-smile on his face.

Chapter Eleven

Bayo, Jimi's football team mate asked why Jimi had been missing the football practice lately but Jimi told him nothing was wrong. He later reminded Jimi about CK's bash that night and how fun it would be with the bevy of girls alongside other merriment. But Jimi Solade insisted that there were more to life than partying and that instead he would rather read to the amazement of Bayo. 

The football coach at the training was angry with Jimi when he arrived the pitch because Jimi's attitude and concern towards training could affect their crucial matches ahead. The coach and Jimi's team mate sounded frustrated as Jimi missed several passes. The coach exclaimed that he was playing like a legless cockroach. Jimi later had a fight with another team mate who also made jest of him and the coach was angry with him. Jimi Solade later left the pitch. 

Jimi Solade's mother died on a Saturday morning in Jimi's presence as Jimi shouted for the doctor and nurses. When Mr. Solade arrived the hospital, the doctor announced the death to the relatives, friends and well-wishers. 

Uncle Kazeem, aunty Memunat, aunty Omotunde, etc. were all at Mr. Solade's house. His eldest son Femi had returned from the UK looking smaller than Jimi had earlier seen him. As he gave Jimi a bear hug that he had never done before, Jimi kept wondering because he once remembered when their father gave Femi the beating of his life when he flung him down the stairs. 

Wole was going in and out of the room like a ghost as Jimi continue to pray and wish he would wake up from the nightmare. Mrs. Solade was buried in a private Cemetery. 

Jimi walked a distance away when Efua came to meet him. Later, they both sat silently beside each other and held each other's hands with their fingers clutched tightly together. Ansa came to tell Jimi that Mr. Solade had been looking for him and Efua left for home.

Chapter Twelve

Mr. Solade later travelled to catch-up a long awaiting business contract. Jimi and Wole saw him to the airport. Jimi was so unhappy because he was at the moment missing both parents, though Mr. Solade promised before he travelled to leave much money behind for their upkeep and also get back to them at intervals. 

Back at home, Wole tried to cheer Jimi up with a substance in a wrap for them to smoke that all their worries would be over. Wole had turned the house into every guest affair as different unwanted guest trooped in and out at intervals. Loud noise of music disturbed the neighbourhood that made Ansa's father Mr. Izaegbegbe grumble to his wife one morning. Ansa's mother felt much concerned that she went to Jimi's house to know if everything was alright and promised to always help if her assistance would be needed. 

Wole tried to lure Jimi into heroine but Jimi remembered the lecture and video he watched at school against taking drugs. He also imagined the look of his mother's face and rejected Wole's offer as Wole had asked him to roll up his sleeves in order to have the 'greatest experience of his life'. 

Jimi did badly in the previous test in math as he could not help sleeping in the class. Nene and Efua tried to know what was wrong with Jimi after the class but he told them he was fine. The girls later met with Ansa to discuss Jimi's irrational attitude. They all [Efua, Nene and Ansa] went to Jimi's house after Ansa had given a hint to Efua and Nene about Wole's attitude towards drugs. 

They met the Solades' apartment in full blaring sound from with different people trooping in and out. Jimi was sitting in an arm chair in one corner fast asleep as the boy who came to meet Efua among the party people pointed towards Jimi's direction when Efua told him who they came for. Ansa pleaded that Jimi should come and stay with them. Jimi agreed after Efua pleaded with him deeply to accept the offer. Efua and Nene had a little rift over Jimi's behaviour and they left each other coldly to their homes.

Chapter Thirteen

Two weeks later Forcados school played a friendly football match against the nearby St. Edmund's comprehensive school with the schools' fans cheering their teams with drums and yelling at passes and dribbles in the field. Jimi was not playing though he stood on the lines with a red bandana on his head to support his team. 

He had been doing well since he put up with Ansa closely because he sleeps at Ansa's place often at night and has time to read and do some other things that was benefitting Ansa as well. Jimi walked along with Efua who came to him where he was standing to buy a drink as Nene watched both of them from a distance. Nene and Efua were not as close as before since their misunderstanding. 

Nene heard a mocking voice behind her. It was Caro, who made a passing word of mockery at Jimi and Efua referring to both of them as "Mickey and Minnie". Nene however pretended as if she never heard. 

She moved away from the girls where she was and bumped into Ansa. She observed the painting Ansa was having with him as "Efua". "She said she liked my painting", Ansa told Nene but Ansa asked Nene not to tell her about the unfinished painting. Jimi and Efua were busy at the food kiosk discussing when Efua made her intention known that she would like to be a doctor so as to save lives and help many people. Jimi told her that she would be 'a drop dead doctor' because of her beauty. The lyrics from the rhymers filled the air about them. Jimi and Efua laughed at the song while Efua never saw anything so good about the song. 

That afternoon, Nene went to Efua's house to collect her biology textbook from Efua and to reconcile with her because she never liked to keep grudges. She met Efua's aunt who allowed her in. Efua had not returned from the football match. Mrs. Alli, Efua's aunt expressed her concerns about Efua's involvement in so many activities at her age but Nene cleared the air that Efua was a good girl and she's also doing well at school because she got the highest score in their previous Biology test. She also appealed to Efua's aunt Mrs. Alli to say sorry to Efua on her behalf because she seemed to have offended Efua. 

Nene, back in her room found a small dark booklet which was Efua's diary in the biology textbook she had gone to collect from Efua's. It was Efua's diary and Nene after reading few lines from it thought of it that it was wrong to read someone else diary. She later stumbled on a piece of writing that looked as if Efua would Miss Novi if she left the school. Efua had written that the memory of the hug and talk they had shared was nothing to her but paradise in heaven and that she really loved Miss Novi. Nene was shocked at what she read. 

Though she could have misinterpreted what she read, she could not believe Miss Novi and her innocent looks and Efua of all people. It was raining in the early hours of the morning the next day. 

As students could not go home straight but waited behind to discuss tutorials and the forthcoming exams, Jimi came to Nene to know what she was thinking in deep thought and inquired the where about of Efua. Since Nene saw the write-up she had been avoiding Efua. Nene gave a cold response about Efua's where about and later showed Jimi the write-up and warned Jimi not to tell anybody. After Jimi saw the letter, he gave a deep concern and that frightened Nene as Jimi walked away with the letter.

Chapter Fourteen

It was just before the assembly the next morning, crowd had gathered in front of the senior class chatting in a mocking tone. There were photocopies of the letter that Nene gave to Jimi in every nook and cranny of the school. Caro could not help laughing all the day while the boys were not too surprised because Efua hardly appreciated her male counterparts. 

Joke rushed to tell Efua what was going on in the school when Efua entered the school gate. "The students are saying some terrifying things about you and that young corper, Miss Novi that you are kissing ... hugging and...." 

Joke asked Efua if she really wrote the letter. Efua was in total shock that the letter she had written and kept to herself had circulated around the school. 

Mr. Mallum the principal observed the uproar at the school and inquired to know what was going on. The head girl, Ada, revealed the situation of things to the principal when the boys were trying to hide-away the truth and the principal ordered the head girl and the head boy to scout all the school for other copies and bring them to his table. The principal called Efua to his office. 

Efua went over to the principal's office after she had finished throwing up in the girls' rest room. 

Efua appeared before the principal, vice principal and Mrs. Tamimoro the guidance counsellor whose mouth was twisted in self-righteousness and horror. 

The trio were all bittered with Efua as they were shocked and confused as well with the situation at hand. Efua tried to convince them that it was not what everyone was thinking. Miss Novi was also summoned before them for interrogation to which she was also shocked and confused. She as well explained to them to convince them and clear the air that there was nothing going on between Efua and her in secrecy than the humanitarian activities that she introduced Efua to. 

Miss Novi was asked to leave the office at that moment and Efua to leave the school for that day. Nene saw what was going on and she was so angry with Jimi, accusing him of spreading what he promised to keep as a secret but Jimi argued strongly that he wasn't the person who leaked it out to other students because the letter was stolen from him. Efua met Jimi when she came out of the principal's office weeping and tried to explain to Jimi but Jimi inquired if she really wrote the letter and if the whole thing was real. 

Jimi opened up to her about who gave her the letter and how the letter was stolen from him. 

Efua and Jimi left each other in a hot argument and Nene asked God for forgiveness spreading her hands up to the sky as she watched everything crumbling about Efua as the principal asked to see Efua's mother or guardian.

Chapter Fifteen

The next day the principal gathered all the senior students and expressed his shock at their immature attitude. He said that Efua ought not to be have been treated like an outcast and Miss Novi should as well have been respected because no concrete evidence was available to confirm what was alleged. 

He called out Jolly Stephen who had been the brain behind the uproar. Stephen, who found the letter in Jimi's locker while he was looking for an assignment to copy later made the photocopy and distributed based on a malicious desire to humiliate Efua. The principal ordered that he should be flogged publicly with ten strokes of the cane. 

Mrs. Coker, Efua's mother later arrived at the principal's office to discuss the uproar. The principal expressed his dismay about the incidence and explained further that it seemed to be a mere rumour out of malice. Efua got the talk of her life from her mother and rushed into her room as her mother called her harlot, sick child and all other negative names. 

Efua clutched the door knob to herself for days without food though her mother left the very day and asked her cousin [Efua's aunt] to keep her posted. 

Efua had terrible continuous nightmare of a hard faced woman who sat on the dressing table beside the mirror wearing expensive jewellery and the latest lace material. She heard the cold and hard voice of the woman who looked like her mother telling her that nobody could ever love her. She could also hear the terrific murmuring from her step-father. Those terrible dreams made Efua run out to the street amidst the traffic light and cars. She collapsed in one corner of the street while the terrible dream continued. 

This time around, it was a mad woman holding a burning tin lamp who in a cracked voice accepted Efua as her daughter and decided to take care of her before Efua later opened her eyes to find herself in the hospital ward. Her aunt told her that she had been unconscious after being found on the street.

Chapter Sixteen

Nene back at home felt so bad over what had happened and blamed herself for everything. She had been jealous of Efua because of her beauty as all other boys including Jimi and Ansa always looked at Efua and not her. Nene explained everything to her mother and her mother suggested that she should go and apologize to Efua and that she would buy her what to take to her. 

Gifts from different well-wishers had gotten to Efua. Even the principal of her former school alongside her friends over there had sent gifts. Ansa had made a specially shaped bouquet flower gift. Efua was quite angry to see Nene at her hospital bed but Nene pleaded with her and explained that neither she nor Jimi gave out the letter. Efua accepted her plea and in the process Efua narrated how her mother got married to her step-father while she was 12 years and at the thirteen her step father was sexually molesting her. She had fought back with a knife one night when she could not take it again. She exclaimed that her step-father hurt her badly and her mother never believed her. Instead, she called her a "demon possessed liar" who she wanted to ruin her marriage. 

Efua explained that nothing had happened between her and Miss Novi and she felt bad about how the situation had affected Miss Novi. They both cried together and Nene consoled her and urged her that they should return to the school together because Efua never wanted to go back to the school.

Chapter Seventeen

Jimi was back at his own house after he had had an argument with Ansa over the way he had treated Efua. Ansa wasn't happy with Jimi but Jimi argued that he felt disappointed. 

Wole entered looking very nervous and uneasy and Jimi felt concerned about what was going on with him. Wole explained with a bruise and swollen eyes that he was in a financial mess with some guys that he sold drugs for. He explained further that they beat him up when he ran into them and that he had no option but to leave as fast as possible to a safe place. 

Jimi helped him out with some money, clothes and wrist-watch and promised to gather more money for him before the next time they see.

Chapter Eighteen

Someone had broken into the Chemistry lab. Seyi, the head boy told Jimi when he got to school on Monday morning. Jimi was asked to provide the key given to him as one of the technicians insisted that it was a clean job done by someone who had access to the key. Because one of the keys was given to Jimi on Friday when the science students had the after-class tutorial. Jimi explained that he might have left it at home and promised to bring it same Friday as he was ordered by Mr. Edet the chemistry teacher. 

Efua had returned to school that day with Nene walking beside her as she advised Efua to ignore any side gossip as she was ready to report any one who harassed her to the principal. 

Jimi turned his head in shame when he saw them and later Ansa came to expressed how deeply he had missed Efua. Jimi later came to apologise to Efua and Caro made jest of him when he was sent away by Efua. 

Jimi got to school the next day to find out that Wole was the burglar as made known to him by the principal and Mr. Edet. They claimed that Wole said it was Jimi who led him in and masterminded the whole thing. Jimi was taken to the police station and the news spread round the school. Jimi Solade, health prefect and hero of Forcados School in police station over missing laboratory equipment.

Chapter Nineteen

Jimi lay in his bed and continued to remember what had happened at the police station when he went to see Wole. Wole had pleaded with him when he was taken on bail by their uncle Kazeem to say yes to all that he wanted him to say so he would not be locked up for 10years in jail. He said the school would pardon him based on his clean sheet with the school. The principal and Mr. Edet expressed their shock when Jimi admitted that he did mastermind the stealing. 

Jimi was allowed to take his end term exam as a separate student from others and underwent sessions of grass cutting as some other students had kept away from him except Ansa and Nene who had come to him to know how it all happened because they doubted he was actually guilty. The senior students were free to do whatever they wanted to do after the long awaited WAEC except Jimi who had been banned from all social activities. He had been asked to apologise to the school publicly and on that day, Jimi made sure that he was looking calm and collected. He saw Nene and Efua but Nene quickly excused both of them. 

Jimi apologized to Efua for what had happened. All the students rushed down to gather at the hall as the teachers kept calling. Jimi gripped the microphone and apologised to the school amidst total calmness and silence. The principal acknowledged his apology and pleaded along to the school that Jimi had really served the school though he was shocked at the immoral behaviour. Just before the principal could finish addressing the students, Efua sought the permission of the principal and deeply expressed the fact that the school ought to have really investigated the matter rather than being too concerned about the school's missing equipment. 

She recalled deeply on about the positive contribution of Jimi Solade to Forcados School. She accused the school of not addressing the issue with the right procedure that something might have been wrong somewhere. 

The principal tried to stop Efua but Ansa who had never spoken in public before rose and shouted at the top of his voice that it couldn't have been Jimi. There was a clap. Then followed by another until the whole school was applauding. Jimi was so shocked! He had never stood up for Efua in times of trouble in the public. But here was Efua, standing up to defend him. He felt ashamed. The principal quickly ordered Jimi to his office and dismissed other students. Jimi explained everything to the principal. The principal went back with Jimi to the police station after he blamed Jimi for his foolish behaviour to have taken unnecessary blames. The thieves confessed everything at the station and the charges were dropped against them because of Jimi. 

When Jimi came back from the police station to the school, he felt so relieved. He saw Nene and Ansa and Ansa told him that Efua's mother had arranged for her leaving the country immediately after the exam because of what happened between her and Miss Novi. Jimi stood there shocked and later entered the hall with his friends.

Chapter Twenty

The result of the exams were out in October as all the students appeared so happy. Jimi had won a scholarship to study electrical engineering. He had collected prizes in chemistry, physics and technical drawing during the Valedictory service that was held in July. Nene wanted to study accountancy as Ansa announced his ambition to study architecture. Both as well made their papers. 

The principal was so proud of them all especially Jimi. Efua later wrote a letter to Jimi to express her heart that she felt the same as Jimi felt for her and she also appreciated what he did for Wole. Efua indicated her intention to study medicine. Jimi felt extremely happy about the letter though he knew he would not see Efua again but he would not stop remembering their old days experience together. Ansa came to Jimi and for no reason they both burst out laughing as everyone starred at them.