Do Not Follow Your Heart 3

Do Not Follow Your Heart 3

"Go and get dressed..." 
This is the umpteenth time I was saying this...but he just sat there like I was talking to myself watching a group of grown men kick a rounded object in the guise of a world uniting sport called football. I've never seen anything more exhausting as trying to convince my supposed future spouse from attending anything that concerns church with me. He simply has a phobia for a gathering of righteous people who pray,clap hands,sing and call on Jesus.

"How did I get here?" I've never stopped asking myself that question.

"What made me conclude arrangements?" I certainly was not blindfolded by love...

Osas Daniels is my name...I'm 29years old. I'm one of those persons who you call "churchgirl" and I'm betrothed to Letam Barile. 

Letam is a young promising young man. Although he has a job,his earnings monthly is mine weekly, so don't think I'm in this for the money. Letam is presentable but I can't exactly say he has this irresistible-model-look. I run a company my father left me that transports and markets seafoods,so I won't say I'm desperate cause I'm well to do in every way. the matter at hand. 
Letam was one of those fervent brothers in church that served God like their lives depended on it. Never missed a service. Never missed the communion. Never fought, quarreled or raised his voice at anyone. His records has always been clear. Good reports here and there.
What was the turn around you ask?

        Letam's only surviving family is his Mom. A terrible fire accident claimed every other person... So now, yes, just as you're thinking... Letam's mom passed away and he got very mad with God. He has refused to heal...he believes God is wicked and partial and since then has refused to go to church.

"Are you sure you still want to get married?" I asked

        "Of course babe!" He had my face cupped in his hands...I melted. I melt at his touch. Every time.

"Then do this for me..." I wiggled out of his grip 

         "This matter is between me and God. It has nothing to do with you" I have lost count of how many times we've had this conversation and it played out exactly the same way. As if it were scripted.

Everyone has been of the opinion that I call off the engagement. But...I just couldn't... is our wedding day and my family, friends and relatives have been seated in church since 10am waiting...calling...expecting...
I kept calling his's 11:33am now.
          He's not taking his calls.
I'm exhausted
                    I am crying already
Friends, family, well wishers kept coming to ask me silly questions...some did so just to mock my decision of marrying Letam despite the warnings 
         "Please, drive me forward Boma" Boma is my chauffeur for the day
          "Calm down Osas" Boma said as he was driving...he parked the car...I ran out and screamed and cried...its now 12:38pm...

                He later arrived
We walked down the aisle one after another
                  The officiating minister read the vows
      He said "Yes I do" to all the questions
           Tears flowed uncontrollably from my face
My face has over 30 different shades of colours
     Mascara, liner, eye-shadow, lipstick, powder

I swallowed hard after the minister read me the vows for the 4th time

              I took off my veil and said "No"
       Then I left the church...dragging my feet

He stood on the altar...motionless
                        Guess he saw it coming

I couldn't follow my heart anymore
I refused to follow my heart... 

But as I walked pass...I heard people say
                       "She followed her heart!"