Do Not Follow Your Heart 1

You may have heard this saying more times than you're willing to admit...

     "follow your heart" they say...
I am here to change that and brainfeed you that your heart is that part of your body you must never listen to. "Why?" you's simple!

As a Christian  girl who loves biology, I know what the heart stands for and what it represents in the human body. I also know that every human needs a heart to be alive but that old wife tale about following  your heart is indeed a tale.

So yes,this is it! "Do not follow your heart!" Old, young, toddler, "never! never follow your heart!"

Mary is a fifteen year old young beautiful girl bore out of adultery, promiscuity and sin. But God showed her so much love that she did not feel she was a cursed seed. And as every other teenager her age, Mary fell in love with Matthew. It was the perfect teenage hullabaloo. Their love started,grew and waxed stronger and Mary gave her most priced possession to Matthew because of course her heart belonged to Matthew.

She could not breathe without hearing from him...
     Not seeing him caused her heart to ache and she felt nauseous...
            Whenever they were together Mary felt a certain comfort,relief,satisfaction...the kind food could not give-not even shawarma and coke which was her best food-collabo.
Mary sought for help. She felt helpless... But people told her it was normal and she simply followed her heart.

At first, the sex was painful and guilt-bringing; later she felt comfortable and even terminated three pregnancies. The fourth went sour and Mary started loosing spark. She soon depreciated and her lips grew dark, her skin went pale. Her cheeks no longer held youthfulness and warmth. Her hands grew frail and skinny...her collarbones could hold water for days. Mary looked 14years older and soon everyone began to ask questions...but Mary was numb. She simply faked a smile that told the truth she hid. A doctor's report showed Mary is dying of CANCER. Chemo was a luxury her parents couldn't afford.
So Mary died a day before she turned sixteen.

              Everyone lamented
I wonder why?
              For Mary only followed her heart!



A series by Emy Josephs

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.

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