Who Then Masturbates?

Who Then Masturbates?

The other day, I wrote on how the pidgin English is treated like a prostitute in Nigeria; similarly, this article will explain 'masturbation' as a bastard in the society.

The attitude of so many persons towards 'masturbation' has no doubt injected in me the feeling that 'masturbation' is a bastard in the society. It has served as a quickie to many, yet they deny it; several times, it has satisfied or calm the libido of so many and given them the unique sweetness they can get from any pussy or dick, yet they are not proud of it.

Straight men will tell you it is for gays; straight women tell you it is for lesbians; the religious ones will tell you it is a devilish act and others will ask, 'why should I masturbate when I have a girlfriend/boyfriend?' The questions are: who then masturbates? Does the word emanate from the abyss? Does it mean that these straight men, straight women, religious ones and those who have boyfriends/girlfriends don't masturbate?

If you don't know, masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm.Research has shown that ninety percent(90%) of people in the world masturbate; whereas 5% don't, the remaining 5% are lying.

You will agree with me that 'junior' is an illiterate; it had no formal education; when erected, it can put itself in any compatible hole or staff that is available at that particular time. What happens when there are no compatible holes or staff around? Will you go and gist with friends? What if your friends are not around? Will you occupy your mind with other things? What if the pressure from Junior is so high that nothing wants to occupy your mind despite several attempts to do so? Will you pray? Will you sleep? Will you dwell in your acclaimed self discipline? Lol! These are questions we ask anytime people say  'no' when asked whether they masturbate.Well, it is left to you to either answer them  or not.

I don't know how valid this statement of my friend, Ebisingha Bright, is. According to him, 'Everybody masturbates either directly or indirectly depending on how the individual sees or defines masturbation.' Do you agree?

The way we use and deny most of these things, if they were humans, they would slap us. Be advised, if you are ashamed of what you are doing, stop doing it rather than dwelling in pretence by condemning those who practice it. According to research, the conventional or socially constructed belief  that only gay men or lesbian women or those described as 'possessed' masturbate is not true as both straight men/women or those not possessed also masturbate.

Denying what you did or what you enjoy doing in order to portray yourself as a saint is just like rejecting the pregnancy of a girl you impregnated. To build a better society, it is very important we start accepting responsibilities for anything we do. 

Meanwhile, you can see the effects of masturbation here.