5 Magic Words In English

5 Magic Words in English

Some words in the English Language have magical powers. As a result, they are referred to as 'Magic Words'. These words have saved many marriages and relationships, fostered intra and inter-personal relationships and instantly resolved hassles among friends. Undoubtedly, these words, when uttered, can soften a stony heart. However, there are some persons whose hearts can never be softened by these words maybe because their problems are more powerful than these words. Lol! All English users should cultivate the habit of using these words to ensure peaceful coexistence among one another in society.

These words are:

1.    Please

The word, 'please', is a very powerful word that should be used by English users when making a request as it can make the person you are addressing do whatever you ask of him/her.


Please, can I take your book?

Could you please sign my course form?

2.    Sorry/I'm Sorry

Generally, people hardly say the word, 'sorry', or the phrase, 'I am sorry', to others. Perhaps they feel that they are accepting responsibility for what they didn't do if they say it.

A simple 'sorry' or 'I am sorry' can heal a very deep cut or wound. If you offended someone knowingly or unknowingly and the person approached you to tell you that you offended him/her, you could simply say, 'I am sorry' to the person rather than justifying your actions. As simple as it may seem, 'sorry' or 'I am sorry' can completely eliminate the grudge that person has for you.


Sorry for the other day/I'm sorry for the other day.

3.    Pardon me

'Pardon me' is another magic word in English that usually comes after 'sorry' because you must first accept your fault before you can ask for pardon. I don't think there is anybody who will not forgive/pardon a person who accepts his fault and ask for forgiveness. This word can make the person whose pardon you need stop any negative plan he/she has for you. Therefore, let's use it when necessary.

4.    Excuse Me

Another magic word which learners of English have actually changed its meaning is 'excuse me'. For example, girls, most times, playfully say to their friends, 'Excuse me, dor.....!' Do you know what they mean by this? Please tell me if you do.

Using this word when necessary shows how decent you are. It can save you from lots of trouble. Instead of saying, 'abeg comot for road make I pass or see something', you can simply say, 'excuse me'. When this is done, the person you are addressing will gently go off the way for you.

On the other hand, 'excuse me' can also mean 'pardon me' or 'forgive me'. For example, 'He excused me of my transgressions.' This simply means that he has forgiven your transgressions.

5.    Thank you

You won't be happy if you did something for someone and the person refused to say, 'thank you'. Will you? 'Thank you' is a magic word because it has the power to spur someone who has done something for you to do more. Therefore, let's learn to always say, 'Thank you'.

In sum, as users of the English language, we should always patronize the aforementioned magic words by using them when necessary to ensure peaceful coexistence among one another in society.

Tamuno Reuben

Those who seek knowledge seek power because the pen is mightier than the sword.


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