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Apr 12, 2017

7 Simple Natural Tricks You Can Apply in order to Last Longer in Bed

The end product of any kind of sex is satisfaction and there is bound to be trouble if any of the parties involved does not derive this satisfaction.

Several times I have read stories of women complaining about how their men have failed to satisfy them sexually. It is quite unfortunate that guys and men of nowadays hardly satisfy their girlfriends or wives sexually. This bitter truth has torn many relationships and marriages apart. While some girls or women will quietly walk out of any relationship that is characterized with quickie as a result of the man's premature ejaculation, others will vociferously state the reason of their broken relationships to their friends and sometimes to the world through any of the social media platforms.

Many guys or men have become aware of this and some of them who fall into this category have resorted to taking different sex boasting English and traditional (herbal) medicines in order to last longer in bed.

The truth is that these sex boasters carry out their functions before and during sex and leave you the way you are after sex. So, how long will you keep taking them? They might even have some negative effects on you. You see why you need these natural tricks that will make you last long in bed? Before dishing out these natural tricks, I will explain three things that can make a man cum quickly during sex:
  • Anxiety.
  • Masturbation.
  • Sugar.

Anxiety in this sense is the feeling of wanting to do something very much, usually something new. It is normal for a guy to cum quickly when having sex with a girl or woman for the first time. In this case the sexual hormones are usually active even before sex because of the new butt and hole they will come in contact with.

However, it is abnormal to cum quickly during the second or third sexual intercourse you are having with that same girl or woman. You are expected to last longer than you did in the first one. The first and perhaps the second one might be attributed to anxiety but what about the third, fourth, fifth etc one?


Masturbation is the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner. A man who masturbates often is most likely to cum quickly during sexual intercourse.


Remember, excess of everything is bad. Excessive intake of sugar can cause premature ejaculation during sex. Most men who are victims and are aware of this, have started taking different concoctions to remedy it. Not that you won't take sugar but it shouldn't be excess and always.

Any guy or man who is a victim of the aforementioned causes of premature ejaculation and tries to control or stop them, will no doubt notice some improvements in his sexual life. Applying the tricks below will eventually make your sex life superb.

Tricks to Apply in Order to Last Longer in Bed

1. Engage your girlfriend or wife in foreplay.

If you are one who cums quickly, do not be in a hurry to insert your disc into the VCD, otherwise, you will end up satisfying only yourself. Spend some time caressing the erotic regions of your bae or wife until she is a bit close to orgasm before inserting the disc which will complete the process.

This is will help ensure that you cum immediately after your bae or wife in order to achieve equitable satisfaction. You need to be very calculative while applying this method.

2. Do not let your girlfriend or wife give you head/blowjob

Blowjob is cool but for the fact that you cum quickly, do not receive it from her. It has a way of fastening ejaculation, few minutes after penetration.

Remember, blowjob is an oral sex and your sex with her starts from when you start receiving it. Save it for the main deal except you wanna sex only her mouth.

Do not even let her masturbate you before the real action.

3. Never be too engrossed with the action.

If you are one who cums quickly, don't place all your attention on the sex during sexual intercourse, otherwise, you will cum sooner than expected. Make her know that you are enjoying the sex with your outward display but deep inside you, try not to be overwhelmed with it even if you are meeting her for the first time.

Being engrossed with the action is like anxiety which will no doubt make you cum quickly.

4. Have a little break

It is not a must that you ejaculate before ejecting your disc. At one point in time, it is expected you eject it and continue with the foreplay for sometime before inserting it again. This will also help you last longer.

5. Do not let her ride you for long

Riding is very sweet and cool but for the fact that you cum quickly, don't let her ride you for too long if she must ride you. 

Through riding she becomes in charge of your staff and rocks it the way she likes and you might cum in the process whereas she has not dreamt of ejaculating. Always be the controller of the action so you know when and how to control the liquid.

6. Take at least three sachets of cabin biscuit before sex. This can also help you last longer during sex.

7. Above all, always ensure that your partner cums before you during sex, otherwise, you have not satisfied her.

The application of these tricks will only make your sex experience worthwhile.



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